In the pause of the pandemic – We Remember

May 21, 2020

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In the pause of the pandemic – We Remember

This coming Monday is our traditional Memorial Day where as a nation we pause to remember and memorialize those who have gone before us.  Giving all to protect our freedoms. We typically associate these heroes with military actions during times of battles and wars.  This year, we and those around the world have been in a battle of a new kind.  One which is silent. One where the greatest of armies had no equal.

So this Memorial Day, we at JKL Associates, will not only remember those who have lost their lives in the battles of traditional war, but also those who have lost their lives in the battle for our health and welfare through this pandemic.  Yes, both traditional wars and this virus war have front lines and sacrifices are made for the sake of humanity.

Take some of your silence this coming Monday – Memorial Day – and pray.  Yes, pray for those who lost their lives defending us from what ever affliction had come before them so we would not be harmed.  Pray for their families that they too can find peace in their loss. Pray that we do not return to life as normal because this would dishonor those who have given so much.  May this history lesson of life not diminish so quickly like those of the past so that we as occupants of this earth can rise up to a better place of human understanding and appreciation for each of our uniqueness and value.

Your Promise Guide remembers all those who have given all.

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