Investing in the future – Under Construction

June 14, 2018

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Investing in the future – Under Construction

As business builders, every day we wake up to new opportunities.  Some opportunities are constructive in nature while others are just time-consuming with less than ideal return.  We make decisions on where and what gets the time you have available that day. You set priorities to align with goals which hopefully support your passion and purpose.

We believe in holding true to “Promise Culture” and investing in the future. Therefore, JKL Associates is pleased to announce the expansion into the southeastern region of the US with our Kissimmee, Florida location. Primary operations will remain in Michigan. Through the use of focused priority setting, time management, technology and providing our customers with the best support either in person, on the telephone or via web-video conference, JKL Associates stands ready to assist you in building your business assets.

In addition to expanded geographical presence, we are also investing in our communications and customer contact systems. This year you have already seen the release of the brand new built from the ground up website that each week has the 3-minute insights update.  You may have also seen the new website to help bring life and presence to our beliefs and methodology for taking you and our clients to new levels of success.

On July 1, 2018, we are upgrading our weekly reminder/newsletter distribution system.  As with all technology, part of growing is staying current with tools and services which can more effectively help your clients and customers.  We make you aware of this so that if in the coming weeks you don’t receive the weekly reminder for the 3-minute insights, you should check your Spam or Junk folder and approve the email for future distributions.  You can always visit our website or like us on Facebook, link up on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter where the insights are posted each week.

Looking forward to additional ways and means of supporting you our clients and customers in the future, for at JKL Associates – we actually practice what we believe in – “Promise Culture.”

We know your time is precious and very valuable so we have ways to leverage your time while gaining access to insightful details to grow your business. Give us a call – JKL Associates at (313) 527-7945.

Questions or comments – email us at or call our Office at (313) 527-7945
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