New Hire Breakdown

May 3, 2018

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New Hire Breakdown

You have finally found what you believe to be the person for the job you were hiring for in your company. There is a sense of relief and anticipation that you can now return to work as usual. Getting back to all those little things that you had to put aside while you added the workload of recruiting, selecting and making an offer to a candidate.

Well here comes the disappointment!

As much work as you thought finding and hiring the new employee was, incorporating that new person into your company should have a greater level of your energy.

Onboarding and bringing your new member of the team up to speed on your business culture, your business processes, your clients and the market space you play in are vital to the longevity of your new hire at your company. Too often a business has spent so much time and effort to find the person that they almost expect that individual to somehow just assimilate into their organization.

Why wouldn’t they?

You just spend the last “X” number of hours interviewing this person and you believe they “Get it.” Why else would you have hired them?

The relationship between an employer and employee has grown up over the years.  It is not just the company seeking a person for a job, but it is equally the person seeking a company which wants not the body but the heart, soul, mind and complete individual to be part of the organization environment and culture. We hear a lot about how new people entering the full-time workplace are looking for more.  We kid around about how more means more time off, more money etc.  The reality is that they are seeking more in terms of what your business can offer them in terms of a whole lot more.

They are wanting to be part of something. Not just show up and put in time for pay.  Yes, they want to be compensated well but they don’t want to be worked so many hours that they don’t have time for the other things in their world.

As owners and having been developed into our present state of leadership under different circumstances, we often don’t connect with this approach.  We see it differently such as them having to “Pay their dues.” The reality is that during the interview process, both parties may have very well danced around these subject matters to move the candidate process forward. (Side note – This practice is not acceptable and only causes you more turnover in the short and long run) Now that the new employee is showing up for their job, it is time to properly set expectations and welcome them into the organization. Don’t disengage now!!!  Take the necessary time to welcome the new person. Get them not just introduced but informed about who does what in the organization and how it all fits together. If you have a new hire process, then use it completely.  Hold yourself accountable to not just checking off the boxes but to make sure the new person understands and appreciates what and why your organization does things in a particular way.  The more they grasp of your purpose and means to achieve, this will cement stronger bonds of performance to your company.

This week look at how you onboard a new hire.  Do you have a solid approach?  Does it include all the necessary steps to have the person not only be welcomed but begin to fit into the environment? Ask a few of your more recent hires to give you feedback on what would have helped them get up to speed quicker and incorporate those changes into future hires.  Go back and clean up any open onboarding missed steps with recent hires, so you can get everyone on the same page.

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