Wandering in the forest

June 6, 2019

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Wandering in the forest

When you go hiking in the forest you see lots of trees. If you were in the lumber business you would see each tree differently.  Each one would represent a certain amount of value.  The leisurely walk in the woods might change into a business trip of sorts. With each step the lumberman sizes up just how each tree contributes to his business success. He sees how each tree contributes to the whole.

This brings to mind the adage of “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” This typically refers to a person so caught up in the detail that they don’t see the big picture. I might suggest that some leaders get caught up only in the big picture and don’t take the time to see how all the parts fit together to achieve the success desired.  When it does not happen then they start looking for a particular reason which caused the failure. This is in the reverse order.  If all the pieces work together from the start then the outcome is far more probable to achieve the desired result.

The other adage which comes to mind is “Take time to stop and smell the roses.” This typically refers to the person moving along at such a rapid pace that they may get to the end but never enjoy the journey or experience the progress along the way to an end result.

Mix a good blend of all the various contributing factors of a business strategy and then take action. Thus allowing your tactics in the strategy to play out while you assess their value to the whole strategy. This results in not just greater performance but a more effective and efficient operation.

This week give some consideration as to how you operate your business.  Are you stuck counting trees and not seeing the whole strategy which could lead you into the wrong end results. Maybe you are seeing the big picture but don’t concern yourself enough with the details and they come back to bite you in the behind. Finding the right balance between the entire strategy of the whole while understanding and having expectations for the execution of the tactics will lead to great net positive results.  Not only in terms of productivity, revenues and profits but will also contribute to an environment of a winning culture.

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