Hello Sherpa!

June 27, 2019

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Hello Sherpa!

Even the best mountaineering people in the world enlist the help of a Sherpa when making the climb to the top of the highest peeks in the world.  World class mountain climbers are the best at what they do. They are skilled in mountain climbing.  They prepare for their journey for many months and have the plan well formulated. Yet when they arrive at the base of the mountain they get a guide. A Sherpa who knows the lay of the land and can not only guide them but also provide critical insights into their safety and well being.

That is what separates the best climbers in the world from the rest.  They already know and have prepared for their climb but still enlist the Sherpa to give them guidance to take them to new heights. These skilled climbers have had to reduce their ego and understand that threw the involvement of the guide they will increase their chances to achieving their goal and ascend to the top of the mountain.

I find too often that some business owners and leaders don’t view their climb to success and better result in the same fashion.  To them it is all about their knowledge and capabilities and not the collective mind set.

I understand this all to well. Years ago when entangled in the corporate setting, putting one step in front of the other climbing the supposed ladder of success there was an inner feeling of reward when I accomplished something. By not having others involved (or so I had convinced myself) I could relish in the victory. In my own mind savor the sweetness of doing it on my own. The reality was it was not just me but the collective that succeeded.  This taught me some valuable lessons which have shaped my contribution to those clients we are proud to serve.

As time went on, I realized that the path to results is much cleaner when you enlist a guide to help you through the terrain.  Someone who can not just give guidance but also assist in helping you sort out best decisions and the means to put them into action.  It was not about giving up that I was not smart enough or strong enough but more about using the valuable insights of a Guide or Sherpa to assist in the navigation to better, higher, greater results.

This week as you look at ways to improve yourself and your business give some consideration to enlisting the support of a guide.  Someone who is not going to run your business for you but someone who can assist in helping you run your business even better.

Should you have a Sherpa to assist you in climbing your business to new height? Call JKL Associates at (313) 527-7945 to enlist your “Promise Guide” to help you ascend to hew heights.

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