Opening up to pursue dreams

May 28, 2020

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Opening up to pursue dreams

Another month of pandemic navigating is almost complete. We are beginning to see new ways of businesses beginning to be present in the marketplace.  Restaurants around the country are figuring out how they can achieve seating with physical distancing while still providing the environment we all enjoyed prior to the shutdown. They are all pivoting in one way or another to effectively start up a new way to deliver on their promises to their customers.

Each of these pivots to a new way of conducting their business or trade is an extension of reworking their dreams of the past and opening up to new dreams of the future. I’m not a big fan of the over used framing statement of “New Normal.”  Yes, things are different. Yes, things are not representative of the past. No, we are not going back to where we were previously so now is an opportunity typically not afforded to most small businesses.  A chance to start your dream over and clean up all the things you would have done differently if you only would have known before you did them. A phrase I recently heard is one you may want to use to reformat your thoughts about coming out of this pandemic shutdown – “Reality Revised.”

I never started counting but I can confidently say that I have heard statements like, “I wish I would have not done this or that” or I should have known better” or “I wish I would have listened to…” from almost every client interaction or engagement we have ever started.  On one hand, it is good that these statements get verbalized as it reaffirms the “WHY” JKL Associates is there to assist in adding value.  On the other hand, these statements are typically never allowed to be reshaped.  Lessons learned are not always able to be reworked and put into action for a new beginning.

All that has changed in the past couple of months.  Business once thriving on old tired processes and bending and almost busting at the seams were stopped in their tracks.  As we move forward in re-opening our economy, we do have a once in a business lifetime opportunity to open up our dreams and re-start up our businesses.

Hopefully you have not been sitting at home watching the TV and all the numbers.  Possibly you engaged in one of our prior 3 minute weekly insights and started to rethink your business, its process etc.  Maybe you looked at if you are easy to do business with and how to engage new and future cleints.  What ever you spent your time on, you can embrace those dreams of reshaping while restarting your business.  You still have some time if you did not get focused a few weeks back because the economy is not just tomorrow going to return to past volumes.  So now is your time to open up your mind to dream big about your business.  What does the next 12 months look like? What does 3-5 years look like? How does all this change factor into the perpetuation of the asset?

This week take a deep breath, relax with a favorite beverage of choice and give yourself permission to dream about your business.  Be open to a new beginning as we emerge from the shutdown.  You have been given a special wish even if you don’t want to realize it.  Very similar to the holiday classic movie – “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  George struggles through life and business always fighting the situation only to want to throw in the towel.  He gets a second chance on life once he sees all the impact he has had on his town through his business.  Take this special opportunity to dream how your business impacts your community, your staff, and you  and your family.  Take steps to re-start on fresh dreams and make the most of this once in a life time opportunity.

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