Pencils have erasers

December 6, 2018

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Pencils have erasers

Here in the United States, we are pretty accustomed to seeing wooden pencils or mechanical pencils that have an eraser attached to them. In other places around the world, this is not necessarily the case.  In other lands, it is very common for eraser-less pencils. This little fun fact is provided to help you gain perspective on the diversity of thought which is present around the globe.  Each day we are exposed to many different items and actions all rooted in the diversity of thought which exists.  This diversity of thought expands with the limitless opportunities available in the USA.

These erasers on pencils also can serve as a metaphor as we bring 2018 to a close.  During this past calendar year, we might have experienced mistakes, false starts, or got off track with our goals and objectives.  Maybe some were completed with less than desirable outcomes.  Some maybe never got off the ground.

As we approach 2019 we have the opportunity to use the eraser and remove any traces of the mistakes and move forward.  We can erase the missed of 2018, learn from them and move into 2019 renewed and focused.  If we dwell too long on the missed opportunities, we are simply making more head noise and distractions for the future.

This week look back upon your 2018 works.  If you have had some false starts or mistakes, acknowledge them, learn from them, erase them and move forward into 2019.  History tells us that those who fail the most succeed more.  They just don’t let setbacks stop their forward progress.  Thomas Edison tried 1000 times before the general concept of the light bulb was finally shaped.

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