People ultimately are the reason things succeed

February 28, 2019

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People ultimately are the reason things succeed

Query up any leader or business executive’s acknowledgment for their success and in their statement, they will absolutely acknowledge the people that made it happen. They might have been leading the charge but without the people and the various relationship then it just would not have been possible. It is relationships which ultimately are the currency of business success.

Relationships cover a variety of key touch points for a business and for the people inside of them. On the personal side the relationships start with those closest to each individual – their spouse, children, family, friends, colleagues. On the business side it includes partners, fellow leaders, employees, customers, vendors, stock and stake holders.

Each of these relationships start though with the individual themselves. Each of us has a relationship first and foremost with the person we are. The better you know yourself both the good and the bad, the more effective you can be in both your personal life and in business. None of us are without faults or things we would prefer either to change or ignore. The unique mix of talents, skills, insights and feelings all contribute to our experiences in our companies and our personal relationships.

Our 2019 culture tune up would be remiss if we don’t start with our own being. The culture of the business is a strong reflection of the leader’s purpose, core values, principles, philosophies, passions and the associated “Promises” made to all of them. The “Promises” are not just made to the elements they believe in but they are made and held accountable to the relationship through which success is amplified and substantiated.

As you tune up your company culture, take a look at the various relationships which your organization is dependent on for success. Ask yourself how you view your employees and how they view you and the organization. Take off the rose-colored glasses and be ruthlessly honest with your evaluation. If you can’t be honest with yourself on this matter, then enlist a third party such as JKL Associates to do a discovery process on your business.

Look at all the key business relationships – vendors, customers, stake and stock holders. Look also at the personal relationships. Not just your own but if you respect and honor your staff then you MUST consider their relationships with family, friends, and colleagues as well. The expectation of having your staff work long work days, weeks, months and stripping them of their personal relationships simply ends up in higher turnover rates which impacts your customers and business results.

Curious what you might discover if a third party does a deep dive into your organization’s Culture? Give JKL Associates a call to discuss the possibilities.

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Our Purpose – To build Cultures, Businesses, People, and Relationships with a Purpose based Passion, so that all can engage their talents for greatest contribution in whatever endeavor they seek.  A life where a “Promise” means something!


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