Planning is Good, Action is Better, Results are Critical

September 20, 2018

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Planning is Good, Action is Better, Results are Critical

As we head into the final months of the calendar year we reflect on the plans set in motion in late 2017 and begin to plan for 2019. This ongoing action of planning, taking action and then measuring results is key to the success of the business and its’ future.

The question needs to be asked – Are you getting the results you planned and was the action taken the correct steps to get there?

As you start looking to plan for 2019, not only do you need to review the results and determine where and why they were achieved or not, but also were the actions taken the correct ones?  Sometimes the plan is only the goals and not the details on how the goals are to be achieved.  Leadership sets in motion the targets and allows the details to be part of each managers domain.  This can be a good practice if the managers have and demonstrate the ability to translate objectives into action steps.

With football season at hand, the analogy of a football field without yard markers or goal posts would seem rather strange.  The field is laid out for good reason and structure. The goal posts at each end of the field signify the target to score points.  The yard markings allow for a team to measure its forward or backward progress as they move from one position on the field to the next. This is true in your business as well.  If you play your business game on a field without targets and means to measure progress toward or away from them then you are floundering in a field of daisies.

This week as you look at your business, pay close attention to not just the results (+/-) but also the steps taken or not taken to produce them.  Are your managers doing more than just telling people what to do rather than getting them to take ownership in the steps and the results to get to the goals?

As you look at your business, when was the last time you set aside a meaningful strategy day to review and look at the future of your business, your people, your clients, and your products? Now is the time to call JKL Associates at (313) 527-7945 and put a strategy session on the calendar so your 2019 plans can be flushed out, action taken and results in the form of increased profitability can be measured.

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