Purpose is the multiplier to accelerated results

December 5, 2019

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Purpose is the multiplier to accelerated results

If you read any historical accounts of the revolutionary war you will find that it took far more than just strategy and battle plans to get the desired results to achieve freedom from Brittan. Yes, there were lots of strategies and tactics used to gain key geographical locations.  There was an overall vision of a unified country standing on its own, free of taxation and burden from the King of England.   There were plenty of missions executed to support the overall objective of the colonists. The largest thing that was the multiplier to the end result was a unified purpose within each and every person fighting for the cause.

Over the past 60-75 years, many of the top business gurus have talked about the importance of vision and mission to achieve organization greatness. For the longest time I was not only in their camp but a critical thinker about how these elements directly contributed to the outcomes pursued.  I’m not indicating these are no longer important.  That is not the case at all.  They are truly part of the recipe to success.  The key element which is becoming more and more understood is that at the core of all of this is individual and organizational purpose.

People do things for their own reasons.  These reasons are driven from deep inside of them.  Many times they do not even understand what is causing this drive but they follow it to some conclusion.  In more recent years people have been taking the time to better understand what motivates them and drives them toward certain outcomes.  The more you understand what is driving you toward something the better you can arrange the piece of the puzzle to achieve it.

With the understanding that people are driven for their reasons, it now becomes more important to your organization to have alignment between the people on your team and the organization’s purpose, vison and mission.  The more tightly woven the threads of the individuals purpose and organizational purpose, the more seamless the execution of strategies and tactics take place to accomplish the desired direction of the company.

When you think about how much time you invest into hiring and training new staff, you really need to take the time to understand how the person coming into your organization aligns with your core purpose in business.  Gone are the days when people will work for someone for a long cycle of time when the company purpose and their individual purpose are out of alignment.

Here is the challenge for you to ponder this week. If purpose is so critical and a key multiplier to results, then how will your organization delve into understanding your business’ purpose? Do you really know why your business exists?  I’ll give you a hint – it is not to make money.  Profits will happen when your purpose is understood and all strategies and framework align together in support of the purpose.

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