So What!

February 21, 2019

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So What!

As we continue the journey of a Culture Tune Up in 2019, did you lock in your “Purpose from 2 weeks ago?” Have you made a promise and commitment to tuning up your culture?

We must stop and consider the Vision for the business. For years in strategic planning sessions there would be a process of crafting a company vision statement. The intent is to capture the future picture of the business at some time when all the strategies and action steps have accumulated into a final product. It was to be stated in the having already been accomplished so that the vision could resonate the affirmative to all those engaged in the organization.

The vision is where the collective injects the passion into the business. What are we trying to accomplish? Yes, this is very complimentary to the “Purpose” or “Why” the business exists, but this takes on a more tangible and visual context of the business. We as people think and remember in pictures. A vision statement allows for us to capture an image of the future results, so it can become a driving force to kindle our passion for what the business contributes in the marketplace.

Without a passion or vision for the outcome of energy and emotional input, businesses just exist and typically not for long periods of time. They also tend to struggle with attracting talent and fight for profits. Without passion the business is strictly based on transactions. Without passion, there is an absence of emotional energy to actually propel the business to greater results.

This week we want to build upon our last couple of weeks efforts. With Core Values and Principles in hand, along with your “Purpose,” you need to either revisit your existing vision and test it for living passion or engage a process to resuscitate it. You may even need to just toss it to the trash and re-craft a vision for where you need to go rather than trying to re-craft something which was never truly embraced.

Visions are not just for marketing purposes or plaques on lobby walls. Your organizations Vision is about engendering “Passion.” Building a larger energy that allows your team to not just be motivated but to own and lead toward the vision. Think of the natural energy of salmon in the northeast and Alaska which return to their birth place, swim upstream against great odds to continue the process of life. This driving force is the energy you want each of your team members to have for taking your business further upstream.

Is it time to get out of just seeing and into a Vision? Give JKL Associates a call so we can assist you in your journey to the future.

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Our Purpose – To build Cultures, Businesses, People, and Relationships with a Purpose based Passion, so that all can engage their talents for greatest contribution in whatever endeavor they seek.  A life where a “Promise” means something!


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