Sometimes in business – Kismet arrives!

February 14, 2019

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Sometimes in business – Kismet arrives!

When crafting the 2019 Culture Tune up series, the outline of topics was laid out on the calendar and as Kismet would have it the topic of “Promises” landed on Valentine’s Day 2019. Sometimes the larger events of the universe just show up to surprise us. Such was the case when this week’s topic landed on the commercial or business holiday of Valentine’s Day. A day when people extend heart felt touches to those they love and have intimate feelings for and about.

We touch on “Promise” this week to get you thinking about the genuine commitment to Tuning up your culture. The word “Promise” engenders lots of dynamics among people. Some take their promises very seriously while others see promises as them being meant to be broken. It is for these reasons that “Promise Culture,” the framework by which we are traveling along this Culture Tune up was captured so that all those seeking to be bigger, larger, greater contributor to whatever they are doing would have the opportunity to make a personal “Promise” to themselves. This binds them to the commitment not just because they make a statement but because it touches at the intrinsic level. The essence of their most core presence.

Promises that evolve from a systemic or simply a transaction level are easy to break. Promises which come from the heart, the intrinsic level of the person and based in core values, principles and align with the passion are not only longterm sustainable but grow and mature as they nurture in time.

Some readers might be wondering what place this whole “feelings” based energy has in business. For years, this side of business has been downplayed. The reality is that such things as Emotional Intelligence has finally got the light it deserves. We are human beings and as such, we have emotions. How we choose to navigate emotions and bring them to the benefit of self and business is a differentiator in both personal endeavors and the marketplace.

Part of the Culture Tune up is to begin to understand, appreciate and engage from the core level of both self and the business to make and keep “Promises.” They emanate from the intrinsic portion of the people and the organization. It is well documented that past generations who embraced these concepts and the upcoming generation who are desiring a deeper engagement to “Purpose” and values that the overall results were and will be substantially greater than those living and executing by transactions alone.

This week is not the time to make “Promises.” The promises will come when you have the next major component of success more fully embraced in your organization and that is the people. The relationships which are the key and critical ingredient to all business success.

Promise Culture beginning to sort itself out in your business? Give JKL Associates a call so we can help you formulate and put in place your best foundation for future success.

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Our Purpose – To build Cultures, Businesses, People, and Relationships with a Purpose based Passion, so that all can engage their talents for greatest contribution in whatever endeavor they seek.  A life where a “Promise” means something!


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