Stagnation due to resisting change

October 12, 2017

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Stagnation due to resisting change

At the turn of the last century when automobiles were first showing up on the streets of this country there were many who just could not believe these noisy horseless carriages would replace the majestic buggies as the main transportation of the common man.

If we think about the businesses of the time, buggy whip manufacturer, blacksmiths, wooden wheel repair shops and many others supported how people moved from one place to another.  As the automobile entered the landscape they had a choice of getting with the change or being left behind.  Many held out and eventually went out of business.  Others took the change as the spark to look beyond what they had become comfortable with and explore new options.

These times of change are full of many conflicting energies coming at you from various directions. It is almost like a lightening storm that passes your home.  Strikes of lightening light up the sky in random areas followed by thunderous echoing booms.  This light show and noise causes many to have anxiety while some see these storm event and take to the streets to chase them down.

This week you need to look at your business and evaluate if your business is stagnating?  Is it beginning to rust away back to the origins of it beginnings?  This might sound like a simple question to respond to but it is far more complex that it appears on the surface.  The simple answer is that you just don’t see the next big things which will replace what you offer to the marketplace.  The question is – are you looking in the right place to get the best input?

I’m confident the blacksmith just could not see the automobile replacing the need to shoe horses.  No, it did not happen over night but it happened much quicker than most of them planned.

As the leader of your business, part of your role is to look out beyond what the rest of those in the business can see.  Your staff depends on you to keep the business growing so they have work, jobs, income.  If you are not looking forward then you are stagnating.

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