Stop navigating in the fog

January 16, 2020

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Stop navigating in the fog

If you have ever driven a car, flown an airplane or piloted a ship in foggy conditions you can appreciate the need for very good instrumentation and navigational systems to keep you out of dangerous situations.

The element of reduced vision coupled with the unknown in front of you raises the blood pressure and makes the adrenaline flow. Your eyes dilate to bring in more light so you can possibly see what might exist just a few steps in front of your vehicle.

This environmental situation to a large degree is out of your control. If you need to travel from one place to the next in some vehicle and the fog exists, you must navigate under those circumstances. When you do, you take some particular steps to help insure the safest outcome for you and your passengers.

You understand your route. You evaluate alternatives. You use all the available input from weather to traffic advisories. you can even include communication with others who are traveling the same direction. You become a sponge to the various items which will make your travels as safe and as timely as possible.

So why is it that when it comes to navigating your business to its next higher level of success that you might sometimes do it in the fog with out reaching out to all the various navigational tools and inputs to help guide your organization safety to its next destination?

Unfortunately, I see too many business leaders believing that they must do it all on their own. Reaching out to others is some strange sign of weakness.  They would rather fail than win with the help or assistance of others who might just have traveled that same road in the fog on a prior day.

This week as you move into the swing of 2020, give yourself the opportunity to open up your eyes and let some more light into them to help you navigate to a more successful year.  Give yourself the opportunity to gather some insights from others who have walked the path you are on and give you guidance on what might work best for a given situation. Give yourself the ability to stop trying to navigate your business success while driving in the fog of your own mind.

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