For the past few weeks, we have been looking at key priorities to operate a Best-in-Class business.  We started with the foundation of a solid Purpose which your People are engaged in. We also looked at how time, energy and resources, when utilized at the proper Pace, directly support the Purpose and People of the organization. We then explored the Perception of where your business lives with respect to creativity, innovation and embracing change to support a growth mindset for the future. Today we finally get around to a topic many of you might have felt precedes all the prior elements – that of Profit.

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Culture is like Air

In order to sustain life, we need air. Air with a poor supply of oxygen causes the human existence to suffer. So too does a poor culture which is void of goodness, love and joy cause the human existence to suffer. As humans we may have little ability to directly influence the amount of oxygen in the air we breathe but we surly have teh ability to influence the quality of our culture.

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Business has been and always will be about thinking of some new way to either help solve a problem of one sort or another or to bring a pleasure to someone.  If we stop thinking about the betterment of the world in which we exist, then it would be quite boring and absent of positive energy. This thinking we do is about creating.  When we create, we give of ourselves to the world. The world receives value from our creativity.

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April showers bring May flowers and thus the cycle of spring presents itself once again. During this time of starting fresh and new, might we all pause and consider how we could contribute to a better culture moving forward. Do we have the ability to rise above the noise of daily media influence and objectively look at our society and make it better today for a greater tomorrow!

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For the past 12+ months there has been several shifts in the rate of pace in the business world.  Depending on which industry you are in you either experienced a complete shutdown going to a snail’s pace or it accelerated to breakneck speed pace. Although there are always shifts in the pace of a business, they were far more exacerbated in 2020 and early 2021.

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In a world where there exist many perspectives, many biases, many challenges, it is a common focus on Purpose that brings a Culture nourishment. A Culture just like a living being needs to be nurtured and cared for daily. When we allow negativity to enter into the process of taking care of our Culture we lose sight of one of our fundamental Purposes. That is to sustain life for good and not evil.

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A Culture of Hope

Hope is the great equalizer in the darkness. Hope shines its light and pierces through the doubt in each of our hearts. A culture where there is an absence of hope there can be no opportunities for tomorrows just time passing away like sand in timer.

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As referenced last week, the ebb and flow of successful businesses is heavily dependent on the platform it builds upon. Through challenges and times of calm, the business which has its priorities in place will not only withstand the turbulence but will be agile enough to pivot and make lemonade from lemons.

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Victim Culture

A culture where individuals or groups, either by design or by circumstance are victims or feel like victims is a culture in demise. It is imperative that all humanity is respected. We all have differences which distinguish ourselves from each other but we are all one people seeking relationships which advance our society in a positive way.

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