Culture is like Air

In order to sustain life, we need air. Air with a poor supply of oxygen causes the human existence to suffer. So too does a poor culture which is void of goodness, love and joy cause the human existence to suffer. As humans we may have little ability to directly influence the amount of oxygen in the air we breathe but we surly have teh ability to influence the quality of our culture.

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April showers bring May flowers and thus the cycle of spring presents itself once again. During this time of starting fresh and new, might we all pause and consider how we could contribute to a better culture moving forward. Do we have the ability to rise above the noise of daily media influence and objectively look at our society and make it better today for a greater tomorrow!

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In a world where there exist many perspectives, many biases, many challenges, it is a common focus on Purpose that brings a Culture nourishment. A Culture just like a living being needs to be nurtured and cared for daily. When we allow negativity to enter into the process of taking care of our Culture we lose sight of one of our fundamental Purposes. That is to sustain life for good and not evil.

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A Culture of Hope

Hope is the great equalizer in the darkness. Hope shines its light and pierces through the doubt in each of our hearts. A culture where there is an absence of hope there can be no opportunities for tomorrows just time passing away like sand in timer.

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Victim Culture

A culture where individuals or groups, either by design or by circumstance are victims or feel like victims is a culture in demise. It is imperative that all humanity is respected. We all have differences which distinguish ourselves from each other but we are all one people seeking relationships which advance our society in a positive way.

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Every business and person has their own unique set of finger prints. The hands and fingers may appear to be the same but the actual touch of the hand with their fingers is uniquely different. This uniqueness is what separates and enhances each of our contributions to our culture. The touch of another’s hand communicates not just a sediment but an actual transfer of something unique from one to another.

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When was the last time you had a good laugh? It has been said that the best medicine is laughter. As we navigate our lives, we need to take time to stop and not just smell the roses but to laugh at ourselves. Opening up to our vulnerabilities so that we can appreciate that everyone is made of the same awkward moments in time.

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Promise Culture

In a world where Trust and Truth are twisted and confused, it is good to know that making and keeping “Promises” still exists. That deeper level of commitment when a covenant is formed between one or more people to effect good in the world.

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The richness of our cultures were seeded with big dreams. It is from the planting of a single seed that a great tree can grow in the forest. The tree can withstand harsh weather from wind and rain or the cold of winter or heat of a summer drought. Our cultures grow like a tree being tested in the weather changes. The culture survives and adapts to the everchanging challenges it faces.

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Cultures exist in many places. From the family to the boardroom and across continents cultures not just exist but thrive. What ingredients are needed for cultures to thrive? Do rules contribute to a thriving culture? Does chaos contribute to a thriving culture? If culture is like a great bowl of soup then too much of any one spice or ingredient may spoil the flavors of the whole enjoyment. If those ingredients or spices are left out then the enjoyment is reduced because it is missing something special.

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