Taking a bigger perspective

January 9, 2020

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Taking a bigger perspective

Business is back in the saddle and moving forward in 2020. The new year gives each of us the opportunity to look at ourselves and our businesses through new lenses and filters.  Yes, we all use both on a daily basis to either focus in on certain things or push out of sight those things we just don’t want to deal with.

Sometimes the lenses and filters serve us rather well.  Sometimes we hold onto these lenses and filter so long that we don’t allow new and different perspectives to enter into our lives let alone our businesses.  In these cases we are missing out on potentially better ways to achieve results both individually and collectively.

As we start 2020 let’s think about eyesight being 20/20. The better your vision to see, the more you can take in and use to better your circumstances which allow you to make better and more complete decisions.  If we continue to exclude new information we begin to constrict our growth and start the withering away of future achievements.

This week as you get started into 2020, take a much bigger perspective of yourself and of your business.  Strip away the blinders which you might have had on intentionally or unintentionally in 2019 and take a look at all the possibilities. Begin to not be overly optimistic but allow yourself the privilege to look beyond what you have grown accustom to and reach further into areas which can produce new riches both economically and in self growth.

This week identify just one thing or area you can look at through bigger lenses and remove the possible past bias you might have held regarding that item or situation.  Consider how things could be improved if you allowed new ways to filter into your sight and then be moved into action.  What new adventure might you travel to a bigger result in 2020?

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