The Business of Life

August 6, 2020

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The Business of Life

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Over the past few months, we have all had some additional time to think about our lives, our businesses, our jobs, our families, our relationships. Some of us have taken this time very seriously and put time, energy and quality thought into what the future is going to look like. Others simply took the time to engage in TV watching, video gaming, and all sorts of other distractions.  Both have their place in our lives.  We need a blend of strategic thinking and completely mindless enjoyment.

This story of COVID-19, world pandemic, economic shutdown, social dysfunction or whatever label you choose to place on the past months is far from over. No, I’m not directly referring to the virus reeking additional havoc on all of the above aspects.  That is greatly possible as long as people make conscious decisions not to respect themselves and to not respect others by following reasonable health guideline. I’m referring to the aftermath of where do we go from here as a society.  Normal, whatever it use to be, was a perception people had crafted in their own mind is gone. What does that mean for each of us in our lives and in the working world?

It boils down to using our talents and the freedom of choice and free will to investigate, explore and discover what is truly meaningful, purpose based, authentic and genuine for ourselves to be a contributor in the new world emerging from the ashes. WOW! That sounds kind of bleak. Unfortunately, it can be if we are idle in the use of our minds and talents.

During this time of rearrangements of priorities and future focus, we have a unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our businesses. A business and a life have very similar paths they take in time. Both have a birthing point – a starting point. Both have various events which shape how they model future actions and behaviors. Both have defined cycles of growth and maturity.  Some businesses and people lag in some areas and some accelerate in others. Both have a time of sunset or expiration that is inevitable for human life but can be extended in business by passing a business along to future generations to cultivate.

This week take a few minutes to look at your life and at your business.  What stage are you in and what stage is your business in?  What plans have you made for yourself and what plans need to be made for your business?

The largest benefit of COVID-19 is that it is giving all of us (business and people) a restart option.  Some businesses and people will use this to their advantage and will be criticized for it. The perception of taking advantage of a situation but the reality is all of us have the same option. Others will succumb to the economic virus (business fail) and yet others with weakened immune systems will succumb to the actual virus. Neither of these are pleasant to hear or speak about but are part of life.

As you look at your world around you, ask yourself which group you are going to be part of? Are you going to look at this time of 2020 and use it for good or evil?  Should you choose to go for good, give JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945 in Michigan or (407) 984-7246 in Florida and lets discuss how engaging a Promise Guide can be all the difference as to the outcome you desire.

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