The foundation is set – Now let’s Build!

March 7, 2019

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The foundation is set – Now let’s Build!

Since early January 2019 we have been on the journey of a culture tune up. If you are still following along – thank yourself for persevering the process. We hope you are taking this seriously because it will have profound impact on you personally and on the future success of your financial portfolio. As you tune up your organization’s culture, you will begin to see some changes slowly creeping into the business day by day. Much like starting a new diet, you don’t lose all the pounds in the first few days. A few pounds leave over time and your health begins to improve. You think clearer. You have fewer mood swings. Your interactions become more productive etc.

Up to this point we have been reviewing or creating the foundation of a culture of success. Assembling the key building blocks of Purpose, Passion, Core Values, Principles, Relationships and about to embark on setting and keeping intrinsically crafted Promises.

Our Promises are built upon a solid foundation as we have crafted over the past few weeks, but we now need to move into the tangibles side of business and personal success: the strategies, plans, goals and objectives. Our “Purpose” and our “Vision can’t be realized unless we take tangible action. It is this action that you must now focus your attention on.

As you begin to identify goals and then the strategies and tactics of execution, each must be filtered through and by the foundations you have setup. Does the goal and action steps align with the “Purpose,” “Vision,” “Core Values/Principles,” and the people relationships so critical to the transaction portion of the business. At any time, there is a disconnect, the process MUST be stopped and that issue resolved. You cannot be successful by saying one thing while practicing another. This will implode your culture and turn it into nothing but words on paper. You will place ALL of your relationships at risk of faltering because of a breach of accountability to your foundation.

In building your business or personal plan, walk your goals through a process called SMART. Basically, each goal must be refined to “S” Specific, “M” Measurable, “A” Attainable, “R” Realistic, and “T” Time Trackable (i.e. due date). With each element of the goal you craft, keep your foundation – the culture aspects of your personal make up and the organization top of mind.

This week begin to model your goals. As it is already a couple months into 2019, you likely already have goals established. Bring those out and pass them through the Culture filter you now have in place. At any time, there is a disconnect – stop and fix it. Let your team know you are bringing the goals into your cultural alignment. They will have a stronger alignment to the culture by leadership practicing what they “Promised” to do.

Need an assistant to help you build? Give JKL Associates a call and we will set up a time to speak to you about how we can help.

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Our Purpose – To build Cultures, Businesses, People, and Relationships with a Purpose based Passion, so that all can engage their talents for greatest contribution in whatever endeavor they seek.  A life where a “Promise” means something!


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