The “Hail Mary” football play

October 25, 2018

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The “Hail Mary” football play

Football season is well underway.  Some teams are winning and others, well not so much. Some of the games have been blowouts while others have been won on the last play of the game.  Those winning plays with time running out are always the ones which make the news sports highlight reels. What is interesting is that those plays are often the results of something earlier in the game not going according to plan which places a team in a desperate situation at the last minute.

The term “Hail Mary” pass came into popularization some 40 plus years ago in a football game where Roger Staubach threw a 50-yard touchdown pass to win a divisional title.  Most of us maybe don’t even remember the play let alone the game.  What we recall is the use of the phrase for these last minute spectacular attempts at snatching a win at the last minute when defeat is eminently present.

The challenge in business is not to run your business and have to count on the “Hail Mary” play to pull your business back into a winning place in the game of business. The reality is that most of the time these plays fail. The better course of action is better and more upfront planning and execution of all the prior plans so that you and your business does not have to count on the “Hail Mary” to pull you out of a jam.

This week as you review your business progress, ask yourself how many “Hail Mary” activities does your team have to execute on a recurring basis? Can these last minute magical moments be reduced to simply executing differently at an earlier point in the project?

Tired of having to pull off the “Hail Mary” plays in your company? Start right now by executing better by calling JKL Associates at (313) 527-7945. Let us help you put your playbook in order to a successful win.

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