The Power of Routine

January 23, 2020

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The Power of Routine

There is so much to be learned from history. From those who have passed before us and have weathered the various storms and battles to come out the other side victorious even if in failure. A common thread which tends to be weaved through all of their lives is the concept of having a daily routine which they developed and stuck with for long cycles of their lives.

Maybe reading this 3 minute weekly insight is part of  your Thursday morning routine.  Or maybe it is some other information medium such as an audio book or pod cast or heaven forbid the actual picking up and reading from a hard cover or soft cover book. Maybe you get your day started with a jog in the park or walking the dog.  Possibly your daily routine starts with making breakfast for your kids and getting them off to school. You could possibly do yoga or sit in silence and pray. Whatever your daily set of events are, they are shaping your outcomes whether you want to believe it or not.

A few weeks back a colleague of mine and a family member both on the same day brought up this area of focus surrounding having and establishing a daily routine.  What an odd coincidence that two very divergent people arriving at the same point on the same day. Not sure what cosmic energy might have been spooling around that day but it got me thinking. So many things in our lives are built on routines.  These routines can be contributing or they can be detrimental.

For example, getting up each morning and eating a healthy breakfast to start your metabolism is very contributing to your better health. If at the same time you have a routine of heading out to the fast food restaurant each day for a greasy hamburger, fries and pop then that could very well be detrimental to your health. Both are feeding your body. Both are routines you control. Both have an impact on your health.

So ask yourself what are your daily routines?  Write them down on a piece of paper and keep track of them for a few days this week.  Are they the same each and every day or are they more variable?  Do you hold yourself to a standard of accountability to make sure it happens each and every day? Do you find yourself taking short cuts when you have more on your schedule than other days and rationalizing your reasons for deviating from your routine? Do you differentiate between contributing and detrimental routines?

It has now been a couple of weeks since you maybe made those New Year’s resolutions. Did you make routines to support them? Have you held yourself accountable to those routines? If you are like most people you have already fallen off your resolution plans and have gone back to your prior routines.

This week take note of your routines. Evaluate them on the basis of contributing to your objectives or pushing you further away from your goals. Your routines impact not just you personally but impact the outcomes of your business. so as you review your daily routines, don’t leave out those which you either do or don’t do for your business and how they are impacting your future.

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