Theme for 2019

January 10, 2019

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Theme for 2019

Each year I look at the past 12 months and considered the future. What lessons have been learned and what new opportunities can be realized. While looking at both the landscape of business and personal events, I try to set a theme for the next 12 months. This theme captures the focus for self and business improvement. With all the noise in the world it is quite easy to become distracted and flounder around moving from one thing to the next and not connecting the pieces along the way. The various environments we transact in from business settings to home and social events, there are numerous points of cultural chaos. So, this year in 2019 our theme is Cultural Tune Up.

We have the broad sense of culture living in the United States. Maybe we also have strong ties to our heritage and the cultural bounty it brings to our families. The foods, traditions, music all add such value and energy to the experience of living. Culture is also very much alive in your business. Possibly your business culture is defined, and everyone is living it daily. You may also be experiencing a shift in your culture with changes in leadership through retirements or the merger of cultures through acquisition. Quite possibly your culture is not even understood or realized it exists in your organization. Rest assured, the culture is there. The larger question is – does it contribute to your future success or is it contributing to roadblocks in your path to greater success?

This week I encourage you to take a look at your business culture and begin to understand its’ impact on what you are trying to accomplish in 2019. What roadblocks might you be able to resolve by having a vibrant culture where empowerment and accountability are the lifeblood of your business? Can you attract the best resources by having an environment which not just provides a job but a culture where people truly enjoy what they do and how they contribute? Consider doing the same as we do. Set a theme for growth and cultural improvement for 2019.

Wondering what your theme should be? Call JKL Associates and we will assist you in formulating your theme for 2019..

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