Things happen for a reason

December 12, 2019

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Things happen for a reason

There are a few camps which exist in life and the business world.  One camp is that you have total control over everything.  Another camp is you have no control over anything. Yet another set of camps exists somewhere between those two extremes.

A camp I tend to visit and align with is that although I have purpose, strategy, structure, process and procedure to support the best possible outcomes, sometimes things happen for a reason.  We just don’t always initially understand why they happen the way they do, which just adds to the confusion.

Luck for example can be either good luck or bad luck depending on the situation.  If you are on the receiving side of something then you may take that as good luck.  On the other hand, if that item you received is a traffic ticket you might feel you are on the side of bad luck.

At the moment of receiving the ticket you could very well be frustrated with any number of things.  Why did the light change when it did? Why was the police officer located at that intersection? What about the cars next to me that went through the light with me and they did not get a ticket? The list goes on and on trying to rationalize your actions for not stopping for the traffic light which through training and knowledge  you knew you were to stop for appropriately.  Your actions at the time were out of alignment with the rules and regulations of safe vehicle operations.  You could have placed others at risk and even yourself at peril.

So why did this event take place?  Maybe you are just prone to bad luck. If you look at this through different lenses you might just consider this to be a warning event.  Yes, you received a traffic ticket.  You will pay a fine.  You likely will get this placed on your driving record for some timeframe etc. The event could be telling you something that your rational mind is suppressing.  Just maybe this happened for a reason. Possibly you have been taking more and more chances at traffic lights.  This put you at risk of injury or even death.  It could impact your ability to work and support yourself and your loved ones. Getting the ticket might very well be the wake up call to have you stop and consider the larger picture of your actions.

In todays race against time to pack everything into a compressed timeframe we all make choices that have both positive and negitive consequences. When things happen they are not as controlled as you think. They are perceived as random events. Oddly enough they are far more in order than you would like them to be.

This week as events and actions take place around you and your organization, take a moment to better understand the impact of the action or lack of action that took place.  How did the control or randomness of the action contribute to or take away from you or the business?

No you cannot control everything! Yes, stuff happens for a reason. Lots of the time we don’t understand it at the time but when put into the larger context of life and business, it begins to fill in the cracks between realities.

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