Training is not just observing

November 7, 2019

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Training is not just observing

The business cycle we are in is experiencing a few very challenging situations.  First there is consistent growth in demand for products and services leading to improved financial positions for many companies. The second is the extremely low unemployment rates with demand for talent remaining very high.

Companies are hiring and bring people into their organizations in record numbers across the nation. The competition for talent is fierce and employers are spending great amounts of energy to attract people to work at their business.

Strangely enough, once a candidate proceeds through to being an em0loyee, too many employers are falling short on bringing these new hires into their organization in a productive way.  Yes, they do the required legal paperwork etc. but in terms of a real quality onboarding effort and training them to be most successful in their role and contribute to the companies longterm purpose they are falling short.

Here are a few things to think about this week as you consider your employee integration efforts.

Do you have a defined process for the intake of potential future employees – candidates that help both the employer and the candidate make a best decision for working together?

Prior to or on the day of first employment, do you have a process for fully engaging the new hire into your organization?

When putting together a new hire training process, are you actually training them (physically showing them) how to be successful in the role? I have witnessed too many supposed training efforts dwindle into more of instruction and observation effort (sometimes from a distance) rather than genuinely engaging the new hire into a full understanding and appreciation of not just what the role does but how that fits into the organization’s overall contribution objectives.

Do you have a review process to meet and talk to the new hire on a periodic basis to get feedback and address concerns early on in the relationship?

Are there specific deliverables the role will be working toward to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their place in the organization?

There are others but you can see that the process of bringing on a new employee is one of the most critical efforts an organization can invest into.  Start the relationship off on the wrong foot and the future is spent correcting challenge after challenge of which none of that effort contributes to the bottom line of success for either the employee or the organization.

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