Using the tools in your toolbox

November 14, 2019

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Using the tools into your toolbox

Ever since I was a young boy I have been involved in one way or another in building things.  It started with my dad letting me get involved with projects around our home and also at my grandparent’s home. It expanded when we put an addition onto the family cottage up north.  At the time I did not realize how these little touches of tools would shape my entire future.

The short version is that I became a journeyman carpenter and pursued civil engineering.  Both of these having various aspects of building something.  Even deeper than the actual building of the end product was the knowledge and experiences which were forever mine to keep in my personal mental toolbox.

Although I do have a very impressive set of tools of the various trades at my disposal in my workshop and garage, the more significant tool chest exists in the knowledge and actual experiences with which those tools were used to craft a given outcome.

As business owners and leaders, you also have many experiences where you have added to your mental toolbox of knowledge.  Maybe you don’t look at the ups and downs of running a business as putting tools in your toolbox, but each and every event contributes to what you know, how you use it and when and where to bring those tools into use.

As I mentioned earlier, I have quite the assortment of tools. Many of my family and friends know of this assortment and from time to time ask to borrow them for a project they are involved with.  Many times I even go along with the tools to help out. The point here is that if I had all these tools and they just sat in the garage or basement then they would not get used to their best capacity.  This is also true for the knowledge you possess in your head.

Over the years you have built up many knowledge points which if left solely in your mind only gather dust.  This week take a look at how you can spread the wealth of the knowledge you have in your mind for the benefit of those around you  and to follow in your foot steps.

Do you have a mentoring program to develop future leaders in your organization?  Is coaching part of the normal way to build talent in your business?

Additionally, you must always be adding new tools into your toolbox.  Technology, automation and many other improvements are taking place every moment of every day. Are you and your organization in a continuous improvement mind set?  Are there ways to effect a better outcome by using better or different tools?

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