Voting – Your Civic Duty

November 1, 2018

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Voting – Your Civic Duty

Next Tuesday – November 6, 2018, is a voting day.  You may ask yourself – what does this have to do with the running of my business? Lots!

Regardless of which political party or philosophy you may align with, as a citizen of the USA, you are given a unique opportunity to cast your vote for the people and policies which you believe are in the best interest of this country.  In today’s world, there are very hard lines between various views of how things are or should be done. This opportunity for you to cast your vote is critical to the ongoing efforts of the republic we call the United States of America.  Within the architecture of the republic which was set up by our forefathers, the democratic process of electing officials which represent us are to work on our behalf.

This voting step in the overall governess of our free society allows capitalism to be one of the foundational aspects of our country. Capitalism allows for: you to be a business owner, allows employees to have employment allows consumers to have and gain access to the best products in the world and it allows for the protection of rights of our citizens.

Voting is not your chance to get back at our government.  As a republic, many of us forget that we are the government.  Those we elect by voting represent us – We The People.  It is no different than an employee representing your business or brand.  If they accomplish that representation to the standards of your business they have continued employment.  If they are out of alignment with your company then they move on or you move them on.

Next week take the time to vote and cast your ballot for the people and the policies to support our republic and “We The People.”

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