Working with Intent

November 21, 2019

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Working with Intent

There are a lot of things in life which happen automatically with out us having to think or focus on them.  Such as the beating of our heart, the respirations of our lungs or the changing of the seasons.  All of these for the most part take place with out us having to think about them.

On the other hand, there are many things which do require our attention to get them taken care of in a timely manner. Such as cooking meals, putting gas in our vehicles and even brushing our teeth. These are not overly intense things to do or accomplish but they just don’t automatically happen with out us doing something to be involved.

Then there are those elements of our personal and business lives which require an upscaled level of effort.  Not just physical but mental intent to get something accomplished. For example, this newsletter/blog just does not write itself. (Wow, now that would be awesome for all of us) (Actually, not true, as I genuinely enjoy engaging you with your weekly read of the insights). The written word in the 3-minute Weekly Insights are part of focusing my attention on the intention of share sound business insights with you the readers so that you can take your organization to a next higher business level.  The words and verbs are crafted with great intent to bring you value.

Each day we go through lots of motions. Doing routine things which in some cases contribute to the overall end goal and some which are just that – routine.  Something we just do because – yes, you guessed it – because we have always done it that way.

This week I challenge you to start to look at all the little things you do as routine and start to determine if they are contributing in such a way that you can’t live with out them.  Or if they are just part of the routine and can be looked at as upgradeable or deletable. When you start looking at the daily events of your world through the lens of intent then you begin to take a much different perspective of how your actions either directly contribute to the end results or if you are just filling up time in your day.

The same is true for your staff and colleagues. It will be easier for you to observe others and identify their actions which are not intentful in nature and contributing to the desired outcomes.  Seeing others routines and being able to discern what and how they support your organization objectives is always easier than doing some self introspection.

A few tips on working with intent –

  1. Define the desired outcome and how it directly contributes to the organization’s purpose.
  2. Acknowledge and understand how your actions tie to the organization’s purpose.
  3. Execute your actions with the intent to have positive impact on the organization’s purpose.
  4. Assess your actions and outcomes to affirm your intent so you capture the energy your efforts produced.
  5. Repeat!

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