Building assets is like building muscles

March 28, 2019

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Building assets is like building muscles

You walk down the street and your path comes across a person you knew back in school who is now extremely fit in comparison to your mental picture of them in the past. All the muscles are ideally in proportion. Their posture is erect and solid. It would appear that they must spend hours in the gym taking care of themselves. You just have to know their routine, so you too can get to that level of fitness. So, you casually stop, reacquaint yourselves and then ask them how they do it. To your surprise their answer is not some new diet fad or unique routine on specialized equipment only available at the elitist of gyms.

They level with you – basically they eat good nutritional foods, have a modest physical routine including walking and standing rather than riding and sitting. They made a choice and “Promised” to hold themselves to a routine. It was not some unique elaborate system. It did not require a large expense of money, time or special talents. It boiled down to making a commitment to a better version of themselves through being persistent to a system that met their core “Purpose” for being. The “WHY” they really want to be here. They made small, regular investments into their personal being to naturally improve their fitness, so they could lead by example and leave a legacy to their family which they would be around to equally enjoy with them.

After wiping the awkward grin from your face and thanking them for their time and insights you traveled on your way. The rest of the day your mind kept wandering back to the chance encounter. One thought was about how fit they looked. Another was about the statement about what prompted the focus on getting into shape – the “WHY” of their personal existence. As more and more flashes of insights kept flooding your thoughts, you finally got up out of your chair and started to walk around your office. Pacing like some frantic rodent from side to side, front to back and then again. Your thoughts began to expand to your future, your legacy. How do people see you? What will they remember about you? What will they remember about your business? What are they saying now about you and your business?

You headed down the aisle to the pop machine to buy some liquid sugar and caffeine to jolt your confusion into some sort of order to get your mind back on track. As you reached for your wallet to grab the money for the beverage, a picture of a loved one and your business card simultaneously fell to the ground. Stooping to pick them up you noticed the gathering stress in your lower back. At that moment in time you stopped in your tracks. Maybe it was serendipity, but you straighten back up, gather your lose items, and proceed directly to the filtered water cooler for a large glass of pure H2O.

We could take time to rationalize all these events nicely into some sort of logical explanation so that the outcome would be to return to your current pattern of being and avoid the possibility of change. Today is different as you are now equipped with a framework to preserve yourself and your business by making purposed based promises to yourself and all the relationships of your personal and business worlds. No, it will not be easy, but the simplicity will help keep you on track. There will be gut checks and rethinking multiple times along the journey. Each of these are genuine opportunities to not break promises but to strengthen them like the physical routines which build muscles.

Muscles are not built one time in the gym. It is over the course of recurring engagement that muscles are defined, toned and enhanced. So too can you and your business be built.

Does your business have a routine for building muscles – assets? Give JKL Associates a call to assist you in putting your performance routine in place.

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Our Purpose – To build Cultures, Businesses, People, and Relationships with a Purpose based Passion, so that all can engage their talents for greatest contribution in whatever endeavor they seek.  A life where a “Promise” means something!


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