Order = Efficiency

As we make our way up the hierarchy from sales to profit and now to order we are building more than a pyramid. You are building a business asset which is replicable and potentially saleable in the marketplace. When a business owner arrives at the point of exit or perpetuation the business MUST be an asset and not an anchor. Much like not having wind in your sails, having a business which is an anchor does not let you get out of the business what you put into it over the life of the business.

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Profit, that wonderous word all our businesses desire even more than sales. If I ask an owner why they are in business, a great majority of the time the answer is to make money. I did not realize we were all in the printing business. Although we all want profit, we cannot get to it until we have consistent recurring revenue/sales to extract the profit from in our businesses. Additionally, we can only …

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Sales = AIR

Today we jump right into the base or first level of the BHN – Business Hierarchy of Needs. As with the Maslow hierarchy, there are certain almost inevitable laws which govern states of existence. As human creatures there are some extremely basic things, we need in order to live. One of them is the air we breathe. In business there are also extremely basic things a business needs to exist. Sales are the air a business breathes. Like us humans when the air and oxygen stop then we stop existing. The same is true for a business when sales stop.

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Last week we introduced you to a means to get focused in on what to fix next in your business. If you missed that article just go to the JKL Associates website under the 3-minute Weekly Insights http://www.jklassociates.com/3-minute-weekly-insights/ section and get caught up on the intro. Hopefully by now you have also taken time, a few minutes, to complete the complimentary discovery questionnaire to narrow in on your Fix This Next item in your business. If not – stop and visit https://jklassociates.fixthisnext.com/

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On to 2021!

2020 is in the history books. Either a lot can be said about 2020 or nothing at all. Some of us just want to move on to a new year and new opportunities. Others of us are wondering what happened in 2020 and how do I go about 2021 with so many unknowns.

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Happy New Year

As 2020 comes to a close, we can all think of things we wish may not have happened over the past 12 months. I challenge you to stop dwelling on the things of the past and start fresh. Your environments and your attitude are within your grasp to control and enjoy.

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Merry Christmas

Each year the world pauses to celebrate and recognize the birth of a Savior. One who came for all and gave all to bring peace where chaos exists. To remove sin and human death and restore it with eternal life.

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Early in the life of JKL Associates, I decided that my time and value in the marketplace was not behind a desk writing business and sales development materials. I was more of an implementer of action. So, I went into the marketplace and researched business development tools which would align with where I thought JKL Associates was heading. At the time I figured it was more in the track of…

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