When an organization embraces culture as the foundation of its business practices, it sets the stage for hiring individuals who best align with the culture offered. This allows for transparency of purpose and core values, enabling talent to flourish rather than exist and put in time in an organization.

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The marketplace is filled with any number of product and service providers, all touting their brands to win consumers’ dollars. Does the brand represent its culture in the marketplace, or does it simply promote what it wants the marketplace to think about it?  The next time you want to buy a product or service, look at not just the image branding but what the organization really stands for in the marketplace.

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With the 4th of July holiday a couple of days away, the word Freedom echoes around the country. It is a very important time to take a strong look at what freedom is and what it is not. Freedom is not the ability to have each, and every person do whatever they want whenever they want to do it. Freedom comes with responsibilities and discipline. It requires that individuals respect one another for the opportunity to pursue happiness. Freedom is not free of accountability. Freedom should not be based on one person or group of people’s selective views. It needs to stand the test of time and be ready to be tested and evolve when appropriate, but not based on subcultural desires. Our current freedoms cannot be taken for granted as they can and will be taken away if “We the People” are not careful with how we use our freedoms.

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We live in a time when alternate views abound. Everyone has a perspective on everything. The diversity of thought is excellent, but the absence of respecting each other’s views closes the door to true significant social improvement. It is not easy to pause and consider alternative views when we are so rushed by wanting our views to be heard and accepted as the new standard. All this creates more isolation and the collapse of creative and innovative ways to have a robust society.

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In a self-absorbed society where individuals place themselves first in all matters, it becomes very challenging for relationships to mature when there is an absence of mutual commitment. Just the sound of the word commitment in our world makes people uneasy. When someone must commit, they must give up part of themselves for the betterment of the whole. This directly takes away from their own self-absorption.

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Being authentically vulnerable in a relationship is a scary place to be and go. It will expose some of your deepest secrets and most embarrassing characteristics. Without that place of insecurity in the relationship, most of the time, all you are experiencing is transactions between two people. It is not a genuine relationship. When we are vulnerable to each other, we become fully present to each other and can give and receive each other completely.

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As the world continues to expand the use of technology, it becomes more and more imperative that we take the time to not become dependent on it for the simple aspects of one-on-one communication. Yes, texting and email are great tools and can enhance communication, but they should not replace the simplest personal conversations. Rather than texting someone, take the moment to give them a call and hear their voice. Better yet, if they are close, go to them and have a face-to-face conversation. That simple gesture shows a level of caring and support for each other.

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Next time you are out walking or driving, notice the number of people looking down at their cell phones while walking aimlessly forward. This behavior is not only dangerous for their individual safety, but it also encroaches on everyone else’s need to be paying attention. We need to collect our focus and stay attuned to what and where we are going, taking responsibility for our actions and outcomes.

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