2021 continues to unfold many new opportunities and challenges. One challenge we all face is the ability to decipher and discern all of the various narratives which are expanding at exponential rates. Think of any one topic and dig into all of the various narratives which fill the air. As our culture navigates the volumes of narratives, may we each seek more than what is obvious to the naked eye but seek further into the truth which is captured within.

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A Culture of Pursuit

In our society, we are presented with many options and opportunities. Some good and some not so great. What is interesting is that in either case there is someone in hot pursuit of it. From the young charging executive looking for the opportunity to be a leader of a company to the young charging street person looking for the opportunity to be the leader of a gang. Culture provides a great variety of things to pursue – choose wisely.

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Purpose Filled Culture

When a culture is glued together by a common purpose the vibration of positive outcomes radiates around it. The energy is like the intensity of the sun on a hot summer day. It penetrates deep into our body to fill us with warmth and convert our bodies chemical makeup into health and wellness. Today take time in silence to tap into that energy of purpose in your life and find a warmth of understanding.

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Seeking Culture

One of humankinds greatest gifts is that of seeking out our culture. By exploring the most inner workings of the cultures we exist inside of we can learn much about our past, our present and our potential future. Culture discovery is not an instant gratification process. When we view our culture through the limited lens of a short period of time we only partially see the fullness of what it has to offer. Looking at our culture with a longterm perspectives allows us to view a rich past, a bountiful present and a wonderfully expanding future.

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Cultural Journey

The path we take leads us in many directions. We travel over a variety of tall mountains and deep valleys. Along the way we experience many cultures. A tapestry of people, colors, cuisine, and traditions. This collage of cultural input expands our understanding of who we are as individuals and how we are a contributor to this experience we call life.

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Opportunity Culture

As we embrace 2021, the new year brings new opportunities and new challenges. New goals have been set and plans are unfolding to help us achieve our best outcomes. Even though chaos may appear to be around many corners, it is out of that disruption that positive change can and does happen. Don’t toss away the challenges you come across as road blocks but look at them through a new lens of opportunity.

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A Culture of Humor

Humor is typically in the eye of the beholder. Our culture shifts on what people think is humorous. Those in younger generations look at slap stick comedy and twist up their faces as not understanding it. Older generations look at comedians working the circuit today and don’t appreciate their comments about the present day situations. Humor can both bring us together as much as it can push us apart. The challenge is respecting the various opinions each person has on the subject matter and allowing them their space to enjoy it accordingly.

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Lead to Positive Culture

As you look around you personal world and work life, is the environment you are in a positive culture? Are the people you are on the journey with leading to a more positive culture or just watching it form? In the big picture, each day is a flash of time. In the small picture each day needs to be more exciting than the last for we only have one option each morning when we wake to make that particular tick of the clock in time a positive moment.

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Confidence Culture

As a baby begins to take their first steps and build confidence in the action of walking, so to must we take new and exciting steps to our next action of contribution. Standing on the sidelines watching has its place but being in the game and building your confidence adds so much more to the experience.

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With the simple tick tock of the clock another year has come to pass and a New Year is opening up to all sort of new and interesting opportunities in our lives. Embrace the newness of 2021 by choosing to be part of the promise for better. Let your talents soar to their highest level of success. Allow for all the joy and happiness to engulf you so that you can ride the breeze of fun and fulfillment.

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