Committed or Open?

March 15, 2018

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Committed or Open?

I attended a virtual Men’s Health Summit recently. There was a variety of speakers on a wide range of topics from health, fitness, nutrition, the mind, performance, relationships, behavior, etc.  It might sound odd, but investing in these types of information platforms is not just for my well-being but those of many of my clients.

One of the breakout sessions covered an interesting topic about how men and women interact and how a little knowledge and understanding just might help navigate those relationships. There have been many books written about this topic, and it is bantered about the talk show circuit as well.  The reality is that we need to stop and take a good listen to the underlying content of these discussions. We hear the dialogue, but when it comes to interacting, we place that information aside and fall back into some of our more Neanderthal behaviors.

What might that mean?

Back during the early evolution of people, men were theoretically designated “Hunters,” and women were designated to camp duties such as cooking, raising children, etc.  This model is not likely completely true but has over the years caused separation not only of duties around the household but also in the behaviors of personal interaction. For thousands of years, various events captured this model in one form or another to such a degree it still causes controversy in 2018. This model formation placed a division between the proposed mindset of the male to be the provider, and by taking this role seriously, they process from a committed or achievement-based approach.  The proposed female which dealt with more soft or feelings-based content which required them to be more open to the various landscape they navigated in the family setting. This recurring model over the centuries was re-emphasized over and over again and thus casting it into not just past societies but current ones as well.

What can we learn and take away to your business on this matter?

As you look around your organization, have meetings, interact with customers, etc. pay more attention to the behaviors and ways people communicate. You might discover that the men in the group tend to take a “Committed” stand and tap back into their “Hunter” mindset.  Women are far more open, leaning upon their historical feelings based behaviors.  This is not to say that the two cannot switch roles because they can and should, depending on the needs of the situation.

In fact, that is the purpose of this article and the presentation. We as leaders need to stop boxing ourselves and others into these categorically stereotypical frameworks and begin to treat people as individuals based on their entire value to the situation.

Women are great hunters and can demonstrate a massive commitment to an end result but hide it because they don’t want to be shamed by others for being too forward etc. Men have real heartfelt feelings but hide them so, they do not look weak.

This week as you observe your business and the interactions which flow through it daily, pause to acknowledge those employees who are willing to be open when open is needed and committed when that is needed.

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