Sweet Sixteen

March 22, 2018

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Sweet Sixteen

As most employers know, the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Division I National Basketball Championships are underway. Maybe it is because of the “Hush-Hush” games pool posted in the employees’ lunch room. Maybe it is because the news on the radio starts with the scores. Maybe it is because one or more of the staff is an alumnus of one of the participating schools. The bottom line is that you just can’t escape the hype.

The marketing of these national championships and many others (football, hockey, volleyball, etc.) are great examples of building a “Brand.” Yes, folks, the NCAA is a brand just as much as their academics in universities across the nation, the NCAA is a sports franchise mecca.  It is massively Big Business in the billions.

What can we learn from this marketing extravaganza?

The first item to take note of is that it takes spaced repetitions of the message to “Own” a top of mind spot in your consumers’ mind.  The branding of an NCAA tournament starts months prior to the actual event. As you watch this years games, you will already see adds for next years 2019 event.

Second is the ongoing energy of ranking teams throughout the season to create an intense level of competition leading up to the championship event. In fact, they even have an event to announce the team to be in the event causing even more compiled energy.  All this to build to the feeding frenzy of the tournament.

Third, the message is concise and universally understandable. Not only does this apply to the NCAA messages but equally to the millions of dollars spent by advertisers on their messages throughout the games.  Over roughly a 3 week period, the NCAA and their advertisers will expose you the consumer to numerous adds. All setting in motion the longer-term mindset that when you go out on a shopping spree, you will buy one of their products because it is top of your mind, placed there by spaced repetition.

The question to ask yourself is – what is my business doing to create a top of mind awareness to my target marketplace?

No, you don’t have budgets like the NCAA or their sponsors. What you do have is the proper investment of time and energy to direct current and future buyers to your organization.  What platforms might you choose?  Maybe Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.  Maybe a more traditional approach like direct mail. The key here is that you need a strategy to “Brand” your business.  This can’t come as an add-on to sales or operations.  The consumer likes to be associated with a “Brand,” and it is up to the business to craft their brand.

This week, look at what you are doing or not doing to brand your business.  Do you have a strategy?  Is the strategy well-conceived?  Is the strategy funded for the long-term, so you accomplish a spaced repetition to your target audience?

Not only is today the start of the Sweet Sixteen round (16 teams remain at the start of this round) but many marketing gurus talk about needing about 16 positive touches with a customer to keep your business top of mind for future purchases.

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