Personal and Company Values

March 29, 2018

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Personal and Company Values

You have all heard the commercials such as the one from Capital One Bank – “What’s in your wallet?” or the one by the computer chip manufacturer Intel – about “Core i7 processor inside.”

When working with clients, and part of our “Promise Culture” framework, the need to engage open dialogue about values is not about coming up with words.  It is all about coming face to face with what is genuinely critical inside you and your company.  Those elements which no matter how difficult, you will not bend on living to those standards.

I’m sure everyone has seen value statements in company lobby’s, on advertisements and in some cases integrated into sales pitches.  The real question is – how true are the words to the behaviors and actions when the organization is dealing with a difficult situation?  When everything is moving along smoothly, it is generally easier to conform to the values of the company.  When the going gets rough, then one of the challenges is staying true to your core values both personally and commercially.

This is not easy!

It is somewhat like starting a change in diet or physical fitness workout.  Intellectually you know it to be right and have mentally justified the want and why to do it.  Then comes the actual doing it.  These are the actions and behaviors which ultimately determine the end outcome.  Are your behaviors aligned with your core values?

A few years back the phrase “Walking the Talk” was pretty popular.  It captures the essence of living up to the standards you set for yourself and the company values framework. If one of your organizations’ core values has something to do with teamwork, then how is that being recognized on a daily basis in the hall of your company?  I specifically used the word recognized here because it has two paths to take.  One is the outward recognition (the observation) by customers, clients, vendors and fellow employees of the company’s actions and behaviors.  The other is what is your organization doing to acknowledge (the reward) those members of your team who hold themselves to the core value of teamwork?

This week as you do your normal routine, try to take a few moments to observe the transaction both internally and externally of your staff members.  Make some mental notes on what you observe and then compare your thoughts with your organizations’ core values.  Are they aligned?  If they are – CONGRATULATIONS!  If not, then it is time to step back, regroup and realign your organizations’ execution patterns to get them aligned with your core values.  If your core values are just words on paper and do not actually define the standard of relationships you and your company must have to be their best, then back to the drawing board to recraft your core values.  Better to have real values which drive and build your business than to fake nice words which no one follows.

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