Does your “Brand” assert credibility?

February 8, 2018

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Does your “Brand” assert credibility?

I remember my first drive behind the wheel of a Porsche 911. It was a clear blue sky day and my wife and I had flown to San Francisco for vacation.  It was our plan to travel up and down the Pacific Coast Highway to visit the big cities and small towns.  Spend some time in the vineyards of Napa Valley, stop by Pebble Beach and all the other things mid-westerners do when visiting California. The original plan was to just rent a car but then I decided to upgrade and take on a totally new driving experience.

It was the mid 80’s and a Porsche 911 was the real deal.  A street legal race car.

Being from the Detroit area, the Big 3 had their muscle cars.  Big block engines that went fast but mostly in straight lines.  A Porsche 911 was more than just fast.  It had handling finesse. Having grown up in the racing world, the 911 had numerous world championships in its history.  As a result, the “Brand” had and still, today has credibility.

Well enough for storytelling of the past, the reason I bring this aspect of “Brand” credibility to top of mind this week is that your company may or may not have such a fundamental foundation. I’m not suggesting that you must attain the level of racing car history to make a name for your business.  What is important is that your “Brand” be protected by your company, your employees, your customers and you.

During a time when everyone is given a medium to express their opinion through such social media tools as Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Yelp etc., your business and the products and services you bring to the marketplace are exposed to potential brand defamation. Even more is that these opinions may or may not be from people who have actually transacted business with your company.  As the business owner, you need to take steps to make sure you (or a trusted third party) are paying attention to the reputation of your business in the virtual/social media world.

More and more people are given ratings on your business and the level you perform at when they are searching the web for products and services you bring into the marketplace.  They start formulating a decision on whether to do business with you way before you even know your company was a consideration.

This week take some time to investigate what people see when they look you up on the internet.  Be very critical of what displays by putting yourself in the shoes of a future customer who knows little about your business.  Is what they see the message you want them to read?  Are the pictures telling the story you want them to know? Are the third party provided reviews adding or subtracting credibility from your “Brand?”

Your business and the ability to attract and retain customers is critical to what your brand tells and delivers to the marketplace.  Does yours stack up to your competitions?

By the way, the 911 experience was so enjoyable and impactful that upon returning to Michigan I began the search to purchase such a 911 for my wife and I. The first one was a 1984 Dominican Red 911 Targa. Yes, the car lives up to the “Brand” credibility.

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