Employee Engagement is Critical

August 20, 2020

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Employee Engagement is Critical

So what makes your employees tick?  What keeps them motivated to contribute to the company’s objectives?  What conditions are they looking for to enable them to grow and develop into their full potential?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions then you are not in touch with the needs of your team.

In the last century, the age of the industrial revolution from the days of agriculture, there were many really good contributions to our society.  The automobile and advanced manufacturing were part of that time. Medical practices and the advancement of drugs have reduced many life threatening illnesses. Quality improvements, systems and procedures for all kinds of daily work routines have been created.  Educational efforts expanded to allow for better understanding and knowledge to contribute to the success of both the business and the individual.

We are no longer living in that century.  With the age of technology and digital infrastructure, the needs and the demands of people have changed as greatly as from the transition from agriculture to factories. Vast improvements in creature comforts have allowed for greater time freedoms and more expression of personal interests. Leisure time has expanded exponentially allowing for more distractions to the basics of working the field all day to working in the factory all day to working from home some part of the day.

2020 has introduced a whole new view of things to come in most all sectors of our society and business.  Remote workforces and hybrid work teams are now part of many organizations’ operation plans for the future. Consumers have been introduced to more creature comforts of ordering online and either curbside pickup or delivery have now become integrated into the purchasing system.

As business leaders it is incumbent upon you to figure out how these changes are influencing both your customers and your employees. The employees which were furloughed or laid off may now be returning to roles which are different. Your customers’ expectations are different.  Your employees’ view of their way of working is different. The changes which our society and business have had to adopt will not be temporary in nature.  Many will become the new best practices of our business models.

As this continues to roll forward, having employee engagement will be the difference in many aspects of your business: retention of your best staff, retention of your customers and clients, revenue and profit production just to name a few. This week you should take the time to get in touch with your employees’ engagement needs going forward and determine how your business culture can support these new and evolving needs.

Need some insight tools to get directly into the understanding of each employee? JKL Associates has a suite of Employee Engagement assessments to bring understanding and appreciation for the how, what, and why a person engages the way they do. Give us a call at (313) 527-7945 in Michigan or (407) 984-7246 in Florida and let us show you how this investment will contribute to your future results.

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