Journaling to Improvement

June 20, 2019

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Journaling to Improvement

Are you someone who already journals? Maybe you have already discovered the power of journaling? Maybe it is time to share your discovery with others so they too can grow and improve by journaling.

Journal writing seems to come an go over time.  Right now there appears to be a resurgence to this understanding process. Some people do it to document their passage of time.  Others do it as an expression of their creativity. Yet still others may do it to capture their mind set during unique times so that they can better reflect on how those mind sets effected the outcome. What ever your reason, the process of journaling can add many new and interesting insights to your life and business.

When I engage owners of businesses to assist them in taking themselves and their organization to new better level of results, I encourage them to journal daily.  Taking just a few minutes each morning or evening and capture what is going on in their world, their mind, their business.  Just to write it down without over thinking it or trying to polish it up.  Just the simple act of capturing your thoughts and reviewing them over time can help you discover some profound things about you  and or your business.

It sounds and is very simplistic at its core but it is not always easy to do. If you currently are not a person who journals then you are going to need to form a new habit. You will have to find some 5 to 10 minute window to separate yourself from the world and journal. That new time slot is not always available and it is easy in todays world to find a dozen things to put in its place. The other challenge is that just by writing a few things down you won’t see the value right away and in our instant gratification society the magic won’t just suddenly appear after a couple of days. Sometimes it takes weeks to capture enough stuff to be able to extract some themes you might want to explore and understand in more detail. Then comes the challenge of looking at your journals and maybe for the first time seeing things about yourself or your business that you really did not want to look at so you avoided them.  Not that it is front and center and you may feel compelled to take some different action.

It is these gems of journaling that we improve ourselves to be better than we were.  Making ourselves better will in turn make our businesses better.

This week make a commitment to improve.  Start journaling! You can go out and buy a new paper journal or you can simply start jotting stuff down in a digital file.  There are also journaling tools you can digitally record your daily items and store them in the cloud.  I use all three to capture the events of my world and use these insights to constantly better myself and those who give me the honor and privilege to be part of their lives and businesses.

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