Appreciating those who do the rowing

April 25, 2019

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Appreciating those who do the rowing

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals day. I hope you recognized those key people in your organization who day in and day out are there keeping the boat afloat.

Every organization has a few people that exist under the radar but contribute to the health, wealth and continued success of the organization. They show up every day regardless of the road blocks put in front of them. They diligently complete their tasks and openly accept additional tasks even when not directly part of their role.

Some people might ask why these people get a special day of recognition. To me the answer is pretty straight forward. They deserve it!

In various other parts of your organization people get recognized for various things they bring to the business. A sales rep might get accolades for closing a sale. Someone might ring a sales bell while others pop the top on some reward beverages. Line workers might celebrate 1000 days of safety with no injuries. An installation team might celebrate the completion of a new job on time and under budget. In many parts of the organization there are brief celebrations on specific projects, tasks and events. No where do we pause and thank those who do the administration so all of us can do our jobs better.

Early on in my career I was privileged and honored to have a few outstanding administrative professionals who worked with me and made me look better than maybe I actually was at the time. During that time in my career, I was far more focused on deliverables and results than on directly recognizing those people closest to me who kept pointing me in the best direction to me most effective. It was not that I ignored them but in my less wise days I reconciled their work as doing their job as opposed to contributing to my growth.

Old, and maybe wiser, I can now look back and more dramatically understand the key and critical value these administrative professionals had on my personal growth and on the success the business unit I lead had for the organization. Without these fine people, I can say without any doubt we would not have achieved the results we did had they not been part of the team.

So, if you have not already gone out of your way to stop and acknowledge these key people in your organization then do so today. Don’t wait till tomorrow or next week. None of us can predict the future and people need to know they are appreciated. By the way, we don’t need to wait for this annual acknowledgment day. Everyone in your organization needs to be recognized for the value every day.

Don’t have a culture where valuing others is standard operating procedure? Maybe it is time to bring “Promise Culture” to your company. Give JKL Associates a call to start a conversation.

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