Never stop expecting great things

April 18, 2019

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Never stop expecting great things

As business leaders we ride the roller coaster of ups and downs. When all is going in a positive direction, the workplace atmosphere is electric and exciting. When the valley of change comes, the environment takes a distinct new direction and it is in no way better. It is during these times of unsettlement that your leadership skills are challenged to the fullest. Not so much because of a specific change but that you must now navigate both the change in the business and in the environment of the business.

When change happens, leaders are expected to have answers. It is not always a fair expectation because as leaders we do not always have all the data to effectively come to a conclusion about a change. Never the less as leaders we must proceed forward. It is part of that “Title” meaning to lead forward and have others follow, not because they must follow, but because they desire to be in alignment with the leader.

This is where quality leaders do not change their expectations of great things to come.

History is a great teacher of understanding this principle. People like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lead a civil rights effort during a time when unrest on this topic was pervasive across the nation. His “I have a Dream” speech is referenced in many books, documentaries, movies and from stages across this land. His leadership and expectation of great things to come changed a nation. No, it did not completely resolve the past issues, but it opened up more conversation which even today we recognize as meaningful, valuable and critical to future generations.

In your organization today there are areas which need this level of constructive open conversation to enable it to move forward and closer to achieving your business purpose. Guided by the core values and their associated principles, you can navigate to a better outcome without reducing the expectation of great things to come.

This week look around your organization with a critical eye. Look deep into those areas you may have been avoiding so you did not wake up the sleeping giant. Just because the issue is quiet right now does not mean it has gone away. No quite to the contrary, it is just waiting for some other change to happen and during the time when you are down it will come forward to complicate your issues. By seeking out greatness in all areas of your business you will constructively resolve hidden issues and demonstrate to your team your leadership skills and genuine interest in them as members of your organization.

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