The Power of Reciprocity

July 26, 2018

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The Power of Reciprocity

In the business world these days there is an overabundance of taking and not always giving. This is true for client/customer/company relationships as well as employee/company relationship and extends into company/vendor relationships. It would be impossible to frame up how we arrived here in 3 minutes so I’ll leave that up to your imagination for now.  Suffice it to say that, over a period of time, repeated transactions were without reciprocity.

As part of “Promise Culture,” your organization defines it Purpose, Passion, and Promises to those relationships which enable you to be at your best. Those key relationships with people are what separates your organization from the next.  In today’s online market presence, there is already someone providing the lowest cost, fastest delivery or any number of other technical differentiation tactics.  When the technology all works right, everyone is happy. It is when that technology goes sideways and human intervention must step in to support a client need that your relationships are either tested for a good result or identify areas of challenge.

In looking at your organization key relationships, you need a standard by which to conduct yourselves and then to evaluate how the company interacts with each of those customers, clients, vendors, employee relationships etc. Part of the standards are your company’s core values.  What your business will or will not do when interacting in business transactions.  It is these core values which sets the tone for the employee to employee transaction and then to all customers, vendors and the marketplace in general.

If in your core values the aspect of reciprocity is not intertwined amongst the intended intent of how relationships are to be done then your core values model has fallen short of a solid framework to build your business upon.

This week examine your company’s core values.  What message are they sending to your key relationship stakeholders? Do stakeholders have a clear picture as to how you want them to conduct transactions with all the various relationships your business is engaged in? By executing to your company core values is there an energy of reciprocity to provide value in the transaction for a reciprocal transactional value?  Do your core values elicit a providing for value attitude vs. a taking for-profit only mentality?

As you explore your business this week look for situations where reciprocity shows itself both internally and externally.  Believe in the power that reciprocity can have on contributing to your organization’s overall growth and stability.  Interested in having a better incorporation of reciprocity and core values in your business? Give JKL Associates a call at (313) 527-7945 or visit our website for more insights.

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