Always Recruiting Season

July 19, 2018

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Always Recruiting Season

In past articles, the discussion about having a consistent and everpresent employee attraction plan is critical to your organization growth and customers satisfaction sustainability.

Much like having a set of strategies and tactics to attract new customers to your business, you need the same level of focus when it comes to the recruiting efforts to attract future employees to your organization.  Far too often leaders become comfortable with their team makeup and drop the ball on attracting new talent to their business.  They will likely complain about how much time it takes when someone leaves or is terminated to replace them.  Yet this pain does not motivate them to keep a constant recruiting effort in motion.  They end up losing an employee for some reason and then are thrown back into the employee search and rescue mission.

This approach may have worked in years when talent was amply available but that is not the case in today’s marketplace.  Each and every talented person who wants gainful employment has real access to get it. Most all of the best talent is already engaged in some employment and not waiting around for you to find them.

Look at the parallels of this attraction process much like obtaining new customers/clients.  Unless you specialize and have the unique ability to find all brand new start-up business who have no vendor relationships then you are in the same mix of finding new customers who already have a vendor or supplier.  The same is true for finding the best employees.  Top shelf employees are working somewhere.  They may not be happy with their present employment situation but they are already gainfully employed in the marketplace.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to constantly be recruiting the best talent for your business.

As a business owner, when you have a performance issue with a vendor, it causes you to potentially look at replacing them as a supplier to your business.  This same situation takes place daily with employees both in the marketplace and potentially at your business.  Some event takes place and the employee becomes disenchanted with the work or business and begins looking for a new employer.  If you have marketed your business in the right places to recruit employees then your organization would be top of mind as a potential new place of employment.

This week, look at your business and ask yourself if what you offer as an employment package is inviting? If not, then you need to start there.  If yes, then ask how you are marketing your business not to attract customers but to attract future employees.  Do you have a budget to market for these future staff members?  Is it a proactive approach or reactive when someone leaves?

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