A reflection of your capabilities

July 12, 2018

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A reflection of your capabilities

Each day as leaders we are involved with various decisions – hiring employees, buying supplies, engaging with clients and vendors and the list goes on. These transactions reflect your leadership style.  Your staff and your clients see these actions and formulate an impression about how you go about running your business. They might not see or know the whole picture but regardless they form an opinion of your capabilities and the capabilities of your organization.

So what do they see?

The picture in this week’s insights, we see a very majestic reflection of the mountain tops on an almost glass still lake. The reflection is an almost perfect replication of the actual mountain range.

This image is a baseline for you and your organization to reflect a consistent picture within the business and equally to the outside world you service. Does your business project a positive image of your capabilities?  Does that image contribute to your “Brand” awareness? If you were to ask your best and worst customers, would they have a similar picture of the reflection of your organization?

This week have some conversations both internally and externally to get input about what image you are reflecting in the marketplace. Are your actions congruent with your core values? Do you regularly acknowledge staff for their behaviors that reflect these values? If your answers are unknown or not up to your business standards then what your staff and customers see is impacting your business growth.

In a hyper-competitive marketplace, you cannot take your brand image for granted.  The outward portrait your customers see through your employee’s actions screams volumes.  This along with social media, online reviews and a whole host of other outward facing images are the real reflection of your organization’s capabilities.

Need an objective third party assessment of your reflection?  Give JKL Associates a call for your initial conversation.

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