Values and Principles govern

January 31, 2019

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Values and Principles govern

With “Core Values” in hand from last weeks communication (see prior weeks at the website) we are building a foundation and framework by which your organizations’ culture can not only be vibrant but demonstrates the integrity of your business.

You now need to move from the process of thinking into doing. Those key core values of your business must now become the very fabric by which your organization ebbs and flows going forward. It is time to turn your words into actions and behaviors which everyone can relate to and execute. If you have not already given definitions to your core value words this would be a good first step. This allows everyone to understand and appreciate the intent of the core values of the business. Each of us has our own personal core values and you are not asking your team to give up their own identity or values when working with you in the business. What you are asking is that while engaged in actions between fellow employees, customer, vendors etc. that they adopt the business values so that all transactions are given the comparable respect to the core values of the business.

As part of the core values process, you need to extend those values into principles that incorporate the values intent with a direct and meaningful way of conducting business actions. The principles give a larger bandwidth to your core values. For example, you may have a core value of “Customer,” the principle behind the value is that all customers, both internally and externally are to be treated with respect and given the greatest possible experience. In fact, this principle may incorporate multiple core values into a single principle.

By defining clear and concise principles, you and your team have the ability to have touch points to filter all situations through so that a consistent end result is possible. These principles provide a framework so that the expectations are not just spoken but lived daily in your business. Going back to your value of “Customer” you may have a principle that the telephone is answered in 2 rings and no one is on hold for more than 30 seconds. This principle again incorporates possibly multiple values but sets a definition of behavior to those values.

This week refine your “Core Values” and your “Principles” so that with these in place you and your team have a playbook by which to be successful in the game you consciously choose to play in.

Working in your business have you distracted from getting your “Core Values” and “Principles” defined and in place? Give JKL Associates a call if you need to engage a Promise Guide to jump start your efforts.

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