You thought your business was in the….

April 11, 2019

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You thought your business was in the….

When I ask business leaders, what business they are in? I typically get the industry or segments of some classification which tells me generally the nature of what they do or provide. When I follow up with “Why” are you in business? I typically hear – to make money.

Both questions and answers are fairly typical as general run of the mill dialogue. If we dig deeper, we find a few more insights which more fully describe the nature of what is important that goes on in the business. As much as profit is the target and measurement of results, it is only one quantification of the business success. Non-profit organizations for example do not have profit as a main target but without revenues they cannot achieve their purpose, vision or mission.

In today’s business world, all businesses are in the ‘Human” relationship business. Yes, you most likely produce or deliver things or services to support various industries but all in all your business is dependent on relationships both internally and externally. Without solid internal relationships your external or customer relationships become more difficult to nurture and support.

With that understanding, your largest expense and greatest investment is your team. Translating that into what business you are in, with a slightly different angle, is that your organization needs to be all about attracting and hiring the best possible people. A culture where relationships and people come first.

Yes, they will fit better when they have the technical skills which directly support the things and services you provide into the marketplace but more importantly is, do they align with your organization’s culture? Can you provide the environment to allow their best talents to be expressed in a way which allows them to personally benefit while your customers benefit also?

An adage of hire for attitude and train for skills is directly applicable to assisting you in your best hiring practices. You may be asking yourself, easy to say but in a marketplace where just finding a body to plug the opening in your company is remarkably difficult, you might just be inclined to lower your standards or expectations. Before you fall into that trap, ask yourself the question – do your customers lower their expectations of your business, products or services?

Unless you sell into another galaxy where I have never visited, consumers expectations are not trending lower. They are not only growing higher but are more diverse and distinctive every day. People want individualized, customized, personalized products and treatment. To provide this you need the best of the best in your organization to deliver to these growing expectations.

This week look at your hiring practices. Does your process have defined standards which you will not deviate from regardless of challenge and demand? It is a very big question so take some real time to explore just that one topic to improve your human relationship business.

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