Action Systems

The final pointer on the Promise Guide Compass is all about where the rubber meets the road!  Taking decisive and deliberate development steps and action to achieve a given outcome. It is not just about effort. It is about strategic action which executes the plans of the other systems of the compass. When deploying these action steps…

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Navigation Systems

As we become more familiar with the Promise Culture Compass and use it to keep your successful business pointing in the correct direction, we need to consider how we navigate using the model.  We therefore look at the navigation systems. This part of the model includes such aspects as identifying the destination you are wanting to arrive at and the plan and path to get there (the map). Additionally, having metrics to…

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Discovery Systems

Last week we focused on placing the Guidance Systems in place for future growth.  Hopefully you invested some time to either create your own Purpose and core values for the organization or have made the commitment to get that in place for 2024.  If your organization is already living to a Purpose and Core Values, then it is a good time to raise awareness and how it touches every aspect of your future success. Today we move into looking at the Promise Culture Compass that focuses on Discovery or Exploration Systems.

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Guidance Systems

The traditional end of summer – Labor Day is behind us. Although we will still have some very nice days before the fall and winter weather arrive, this time of year in our businesses is critical to our future growth. Much like farmers in our food chain, your business is currently in the process of…

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Labor Day 2023

This coming Monday is a celebration of all the various talents of our country and the working people who have contributed to its past, current, and future success.  Our people are the backbone of this nation and on this day, we take time to recognize that each of us has a critical role in adding value to our communities, and our nation as a whole.

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If you have ever been in the situation where you are on the expressway and the road takes a rather defined sharper turn (mileage signs indicating to slow down) and you attempt to stay at the previous speed, you now must take corrective actions or potentially pay the price of an accident or worse.  I know I have been there more than once and…

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In a conversation with a colleague the other day we started to reminisce about how the work world was such a different place than when we started several years ago. At that time in the 70’s and 80’s the competition was outrageously fierce for each and every role we were seeking out.  The criterion almost seemed unfair to even be able to…

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Getting the Facts

Our Guidepost of last week triggered some thoughts about this area of getting facts and using data as opposed to guessing or using just gut level instincts.  The use of gut level instincts cannot be diminished in the workplace.  It absolutely has its contribution level when sorting through many of the challenges that face business leaders. The key here is…

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When Leadership Fails

As a business leader you can’t go throughout a day without some piece of communication coming at you either in an email, a flyer, a conversation, or any number of other input sources about leadership. The latest techniques, latest insights, latest gurus etc. all have something to say about leadership.  The fact that you are reading this weekly Promise Guidepost just ticked the leadership discussion point in your mind. There is such an…

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Over the past couple of weeks, the Promise Guide Insight posts have emphasized a few components of JKL Associates Promise Culture model.  We investigated the people and relationships; we upped the importance of having a great compass of Core Purpose and Core Values. These items all exist as the center of a culture which not only creates a quality work environment but weaves a strong fabric with the people and outcomes for the business.

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