Training vs Development

Last week, we discussed the growth of the owner, from starting with a job in the business to the growth opportunity of being an asset owner. We highlighted that this is not a casual effort and must be part of the focus and expectation of the desired outcomes of business ownership. With that same understanding of it being part of the end game expectations, the investment in team members must also be made to support that growth plan.

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Leading vs Managing

For the last 35 years, JKL Associates has been helping business people move through the various stages of business acquisition, operations, and perpetuation. We have regularly referenced that many initial business buyers or startups acquire or purchase themselves a job. Over time and with development, they move into the role of…

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Listening vs Hearing

As we launch into the fourth month of 2024, it is a good time to assess our progress. Are you on pace to achieve your business goals and objectives? What have you learned since the beginning of the year that has either distracted you or enabled you to move forward or fall further behind?

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As we wrap up the third month of the year and the end of the first quarter of the calendar, it is a nice time also to wrap up the 5th “P” – Profit in our 5 “P’s” review.  You might say we kept the best for last, but in actuality, profit is the result when the other “P’s” are implemented and executed consistently. 

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Our world today is overwhelmed with many perceptions.  The variety of media outlets imposes many people’s opinions on us, which causes a number of perceptions to begin to be formulated in our heads. These perceptions, combined with the biases that we have, form very distinct views of how we see and interact in the world. 

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The question is – How fast or slow should the business go in order to realize its greatest outcomes?  Is your business in a sprint or running a marathon? These are tricky questions.  At first, they appear to be simple, but…

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As we begin the third month of 2024, we start March by focusing on your business’s most valuable and important asset – the people. Unless you are a lights-out, 24-hour operation run by technology and robots, it takes the commitment and know-how of people to make your organization thrive.

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Being a business leader in the marketplace today requires a different allocation of priorities than in the past. Yes, some of the similar challenges exist and need attention but there are different dynamics these days. One of these challenges demanding higher priority is the “Purpose” the organization has in the marketplace. Purpose has always…

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Revisiting the 5 P’s

We started the year looking at the 5 V’s – Vision, Values, Vehicles, Vocabulary, and Valuation.  Hopefully, these gave you a jump start to 2024.  Moving forward for the next few weeks we are going back in order to move forward at a more engaged pace.  We will be taking the time to walk through the 5 P’s…

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Leap Day

Every 4 years we get an extra day to get the calendar back in sync with the celestial bodies of the universe.  Another day of work or play depends on what day of the week it falls.  This year we get an extra business development day! So how might we prioritize this bonus day in two weeks, so we take full advantage of it in 2024?

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