A Time of Thanksgiving

As we pause from the daily business hustle and bustle for the Thanksgiving holiday, may we not only give thanks for what we have but also for the challenges which has passed us by.  When we sit down for our turkey day meal take time to pray for those with you and those who are not able to be with you.  Thanksgiving is a time to remember and be thankful for all that is part of our life.

From JKL Associates to you and your family at Thanksgiving – May your home and business be blessed with the goodness of our creator.

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So, the 2022 elections are in the history records for the most part and hopefully the marketplace can begin to find its rightful place of balance and returning to steady growth. The past few years have been a bit of a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs of the pandemic, the twists and turns of the political landscape and any number of other social distractions along the path. All of these various elements…

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Dream Big – Journey Big

As business leaders we can sometimes get so caught up in the day-to-day stuff of our business transactions that we don’t stop and dream.  We are so focused on the next thing on our to do list that we are not even sure sometimes how all those items add up to the vision or dreams we have for our business, our staff, our families, our communities etc.

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An organizations’ growth is many times associated to the size of the marketplace it exists in or has the potential to exist in.  This does have a contributing factor as the total capacity cannot exceed the arena your business plays in.  Businesses therefore expand geographically if the available market for their product or service nears saturation.  This expansion is very visible and has…

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Narrow and Deep

During the 2020-2021 business cycles, leaders were driven to look at their businesses, customers, products, services, and their staff through different lenses.  They had to pivot to doing things differently than maybe they had in the most recent past. At the time the elements of the unknown and survival were part of the driving forces at hand. All these converging dynamics cause…

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Culture Creates Profit

The culture that leadership cultivates in an organization is directly linked to the overall profitability of the organization. That is a pretty big statement to make when it is sometimes difficult to capture hard data to validate the statement.  This week we share insights to help give some framework we have seen in this…

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