Having grown up during the evolution of digital technology, I was fortunate to see the gradual shift in the way people interacted with technology and the devices to which they were given access. Today, device technology is so abundant that younger generations take this access much like we all wake up in the morning to sunlight. It has always been here, so why would it not be here tomorrow?

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4th of July, 2024 

Tomorrow, we commemorate the United States Declaration of Independence, a pivotal historical moment requiring immense courage, faith, and perseverance. Our forefathers, at that time, had a strong sense of their actions’ significance, yet they might not have fully grasped the profound impact it would have on them, their families, and their colleagues. Over 200+ years later, the United States continues to shape the global stage, a testament to the enduring influence of this historical event on business culture and beyond.

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Constructive Conflict

Take 30 seconds and look at news media. Yes, we realize that you just wasted 30 seconds, but you needed to be again exposed to the conflict in our world today.  Conflict exists on many fronts: global, political, within the teams, and at home. The conflict that makes the news tends to be negative or destructive conflict. Not all conflict is destructive. There is the idiom of the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Some years ago, Emotional Intelligence and its influence on business people’s success and challenges came onto the scene.  At first, it was quiet as it stepped into the soft and fuzzy world of emotions, and business was all hard and rigid.  There was no place for such considerations in the business world.  The reality is that Emotional Intelligence was already in the business arena but was being suppressed.

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Invest in your Health

Last Monday was the unofficial start of the “Summer” season in the northern part of the country.  Temperatures have moved away from the cold, and more and more color is popping up from green grass to a multitude of brightly colored flowers.  Just as the environment needs to have seasons of renewal, so do individuals and businesses.

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Memorial Day 2024

On Monday, we pause to memorialize those men and women who had such belief in the freedoms we have here in the USA that they sacrificed at the highest level – To give life for another. 

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Every business deals with any number of challenges over the course of a day, week, month, or year.  Some are external – dealing with customers, vendors, or even the community. Some are internal – dealing with employees, processes, etc.  No business is free of dealing with the on slot of items that, for one reason or another…

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