Culture Creates Profit

The culture that leadership cultivates in an organization is directly linked to the overall profitability of the organization. That is a pretty big statement to make when it is sometimes difficult to capture hard data to validate the statement.  This week we share insights to help give some framework we have seen in this…

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Are you being distracted

Many years ago, when JKL Associates launched we were more than pleased when revenues exceeded expenses.  It sounds simple but at the beginning without sales then no real business actually existed. To ensure survival the option existed to add multiple sources of income to the portfolio.  In other words, take any opportunity which…

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Let’s Focus on Literacy

As business leaders we sometimes get so deep in the weeds of our business operations that we don’t take the time to lift our heads and look at the world around us. It is quite an interesting place when you give it a genuine look. For example, today is one of those fewer known days on the calendar….

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Labor Day 2022

As we prepare to enjoy the Labor Day weekend, we begin to call a close to the summer and focus on the last business cycle of 2022.  Hopefully you and your team have had the opportunity to refresh and recharge your energy over the past couple months. 

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Your Brand Vocabulary

Can your ideal customer find you through your brand vocabulary? You might be wondering what brand vocabulary is.  It is the words – the nouns, verbs, phrases, and sentences your organization uses to distinguish itself in the marketplace to attract both new and existing customers to your business.  It sounds pretty simple but…

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As a business moves through its various cycles from start up to mature and then to its’ perpetuation stage there are various drivers which contribute and shape the culture of the organization.  At the beginning of the business there is lots of attention focused on revenue.  Sales are all that appear to count.  To a degree this is justified as without cash the business cannot sustain itself into future stages.  Some businesses unfortunately fail because…

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