In the world of business, the company moves from startup to mature to perpetuation. There is typically only a single time the company is in the start up phase and one time it moves into perpetuation or exit phase. While in the mature phase it may swing back and forth from trending like a startup or perpetuation as it navigates the changes in the marketplace. In this mature phase in order to be scalable and sustainable the business MUST reinvent itself through innovative thinking, actions and products and services.

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In a business world confused by many distractions, it is time for leaders to be exactly that – lead by good example. The society at large is filled with many people who take on the cloak of being a ”Role Model.”  Not necessarily because they model something of value to the society but more so because of a talent they demonstrate which others dream about possessing.  This artificial role modeling is very prevalent in the sports world.  Athletes who have been gifted some unique athletic skills behave on other platforms as if they have similar skills or expertise on more worldly challenges.

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Impulse Control

The pace of business evolves at an ever-increasing rate. Technology and its’ speed influence our ability to control our reactions. Communications that once took days if not weeks to move across the country now happen almost instantaneously.  Gossip and opinion which maybe started on one floor of the office building and trickled down, up, or across over the next few hours or days now takes place immediately. All this speed has both great opportunity and significant challenges associated with it.

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Perspective in chaos

For business leaders these days it seems like the pace of life is continuing to climb up at a significant rate. Coming out of the pandemic shut or slow down, technology, individual self-gratification, consumer demands, social movements and many more elements push on each of us to do more, achieve more, contribute more. This vibration of progress can sometimes seem and feel very overwhelming.

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Talent acquisition is a daily effort in most businesses these days. Finding and identifying the best available talent to bring into your business requires a lot of energy, time, and brain power. We take lots of time at the front end of the acquisition process of running ads, interviewing etc. only to hurry up the process at the most critical juncture of a relationship – the initial days of the engagement.

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You wake up in the morning and something is stirring in your being.  You can’t quite figure out what is going on, but you know something is afoot. You push it off to the side, get ready and out the door you head to your office or client meeting. As the day wears on you sense that something is amiss. You just can’t put your finger on it. You dismiss it again multiple times during the day. That evening as you think you are going to sleep, you simply keep tossing and turning.  Your mind keeps thinking about stuff.  You just can’t seem to come to a place of rest.

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The customary non holiday of April Fool’s Day is tomorrow.  This is the day that over time people have used as an opportunity to prank a fellow colleague with a harmless gag in order to bring some fun and enjoyment to the relationship.  Our society and business world has fallen away from having fun.  With all the dynamics of the past 24 months dealing with pivots, changes and fears we lost sight of having fun.

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A couple weeks back the Guidepost reflected on the talent challenges in the marketplace. The focus of that post was on not dismissing or hiding behind the issue and get out and be creative to attract and retain best talent.  With the ever-changing marketplace of people, places and opportunities, leaders must be able to flex to get the talent they need to be productive.

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Discipline vs Regret

Recently there was a broadcast of an interview with a successful pro athlete which touched on various aspects of their life.  Like many successful people, they had moments of great accolades and achievement and other times of abysmal failures. Like many other people who have realized some level of success, the person acknowledged that they did learn from both the successes and failures. The one statement which they talked a bit about was the focus, motivation and what would keep them on track so they could fight the fight even in losses to grow to the next level. That element was the juxtaposition of having discipline be the driving force rather than having to deal with the regret of not having executed to the highest level they possibly can perform at.

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