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Sales Dominance

I recently was thinking about athletic dominance in a variety of sports.  From Tom Brady in Football to Michael Jordan in Basketball and Jack Nicholas in Golf, and many others, each of these people not only had great careers but were a dominate player at their time.  Although dominance tends to be associated with number of championship victories and length of participation over time, dominance also incorporates the broader aspect of being part of something greater.

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In a Simon Sinek video broadcast on social media, he brought to light that leadership is not a role which you finally arrive at and then expect the demands to be reduced.  It is actually the complete opposite. It was referenced to the concept of becoming a parent.  Once you consider becoming a parent you are making a promise – a lifetime commitment to be there in all types of supportive roles with the children you are responsible for going forward.  Granted there will be varying level of demand based on their age but for all intensive purpose, you have 7/24/365 day responsibilities for their upbringing, safety, health etc.

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As we enter the summer cycle of business, we can have mixed feelings about the warmth of the summer sun and the demands on the business. For those in the northern part of the country, the sun and its rays bring an invigorated energy.  The spring rains have hopefully dissipated allowing access to the great outdoors to recharges our physical beings. All of this fresh energy lends itself to an increase in hope for better outcomes. It lifts the individuals’ spirits and thus rolls into their daily lives both while at work and at play.

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Memorial Day 2022

Next Monday we again pause the speed of business to take time to remember those who have gone before us in the effort to protect our great nation and the freedoms we enjoy. For some this is just another holiday.  Businesses are not open, and people get time to be with friends and family.  Some travel to weekend getaways while others work around the home getting it spring ready.

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In the world of business, the company moves from startup to mature to perpetuation. There is typically only a single time the company is in the start up phase and one time it moves into perpetuation or exit phase. While in the mature phase it may swing back and forth from trending like a startup or perpetuation as it navigates the changes in the marketplace. In this mature phase in order to be scalable and sustainable the business MUST reinvent itself through innovative thinking, actions and products and services.

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In a business world confused by many distractions, it is time for leaders to be exactly that – lead by good example. The society at large is filled with many people who take on the cloak of being a ”Role Model.”  Not necessarily because they model something of value to the society but more so because of a talent they demonstrate which others dream about possessing.  This artificial role modeling is very prevalent in the sports world.  Athletes who have been gifted some unique athletic skills behave on other platforms as if they have similar skills or expertise on more worldly challenges.

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Impulse Control

The pace of business evolves at an ever-increasing rate. Technology and its’ speed influence our ability to control our reactions. Communications that once took days if not weeks to move across the country now happen almost instantaneously.  Gossip and opinion which maybe started on one floor of the office building and trickled down, up, or across over the next few hours or days now takes place immediately. All this speed has both great opportunity and significant challenges associated with it.

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Perspective in chaos

For business leaders these days it seems like the pace of life is continuing to climb up at a significant rate. Coming out of the pandemic shut or slow down, technology, individual self-gratification, consumer demands, social movements and many more elements push on each of us to do more, achieve more, contribute more. This vibration of progress can sometimes seem and feel very overwhelming.

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