As we wrap up the last week of January 2022, we and business leaders need to pause and reflect on the leaders we are, the leaders we are becoming and/or the leaders we need to be. There are various statements about how leaders are not born they are made.  I’m not convinced the statement is true of false.  I believe that each and everyone one of us has the basic talents to be leaders of one sort or another.  We might not lead a fortune 500 company, but we very well could be an instrumental leader in a young child’s life by leading the local scout troop. Maybe more importantly is the leading you do daily within your organization.

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As we continue our exploration of leadership, we touch upon a topic which many business leaders talk about but cannot necessarily identify in their organization. They might reference things like “we have a great working environment here.” When asked to articulate what that is or looks like or how the staff view it the conversation tends to get very chilly very fast.  The culture of the organization and the environment which either supports it or conflicts with it are sometimes secondary to the operation of the business.

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As we focus on leadership during the January 2022 Guide Posts, today we explore the concepts of discipline as a direct contributor to your success as not only a leader in your organization but in life itself. There are numerous examples of those who have achieved greatness as a result of the discipline they put into their daily routine as the launching pad to their success.

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As business owners and leaders, January means the restart of our business efforts.  Restart is not a negative view but one that can bring great energy to your organization. The key is that you as the leader must be the first one to bring forth the new energy. So how can you be the Leader and instill this new energy? Over the next couple of weeks in January, the “Guide Posts” will explore…

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Happy New Year!

The magic of the New Year is upon us.  The stroke of midnight around the world rings in a new calendar year. It brings hopes of new and exciting things and hopes of the past can be put into proper perspective to move forward in new beginnings.

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Merry Christmas

As a Christian, this time of year has very special meaning.  It is the celebration of the birth of our Savior. There has been much discussion about not mixing religion and politics with work and friends, but it is time for all of us to come to a place of “PEACE” with one another and Christmas can be the very moment we use to make it happen.

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The United States is more diverse than ever.  We are fortunate to have such a wide cultural array of people, customs, foods, and languages. This picture of uniqueness and many differences bring great beauty to our world. It also brings challenges which if left unaddressed become the levers which pry us apart into small factions.

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One of the elements of our Promise Culture Model focuses on the aspects of relationships in and around your business. Once your organization has a well-defined Purpose, Core Values, Vision and Passion guiding the promises you make out into the business world you must look at all the various relationships that touch upon the success of your organization.

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The word “Prudence” is not a word we hear used much anymore.  Most people have never heard the word let alone understand its meaning.  If we explore the essential meaning of prudence it refers to the careful good judgement which helps someone avoid risk or danger. It is also defined as the ability to govern and discipline oneself by use of reason. The other day I heard an additional reference…

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Each year we pause the current hustle and bustle to consciously give thanks for all we have in our life.  Our relationships, our families, our colleagues, our clients, customers, prospects, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and even for those we have not yet met.  We also give thanks for our shelter, our food and all the various elements which surround us daily.

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