Being a business leader in the marketplace today requires a different allocation of priorities than in the past. Yes, some of the similar challenges exist and need attention but there are different dynamics these days. One of these challenges demanding higher priority is the “Purpose” the organization has in the marketplace. Purpose has always…

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Revisiting the 5 P’s

We started the year looking at the 5 V’s – Vision, Values, Vehicles, Vocabulary, and Valuation.  Hopefully, these gave you a jump start to 2024.  Moving forward for the next few weeks we are going back in order to move forward at a more engaged pace.  We will be taking the time to walk through the 5 P’s…

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Leap Day

Every 4 years we get an extra day to get the calendar back in sync with the celestial bodies of the universe.  Another day of work or play depends on what day of the week it falls.  This year we get an extra business development day! So how might we prioritize this bonus day in two weeks, so we take full advantage of it in 2024?

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We move this week into looking at the 5th of the 5 V’s and that is the valuation or how to measure the worth of the business.  This element in the 5 V’s does have some correlation to the profitability of the business but as importantly the other factors which cause a business to be not just financially successful but exist at a higher contribution value.

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With a couple of foundational elements (Vision and Values) already tossed out for your consideration we move to looking at the vehicles by which your organization delivers its excellence to the marketplace. No, we are not talking about the delivery trucks or service trucks in your fleet.  We are using the term vehicles as…

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As we continue to march our way into the new year by revisiting the 5 V’s we take the time to look at the Core Values. The Values of your organization need to be the foundation of every decision, transaction, strategy, and tactic.

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Vision sounds like a simple word, but it is one of many confusing elements in the development and growth of a business. Part of this confusion is because organizations like JKL Associates and others have various definitions and applications for such a word.  Some of these points of contention are partly because there is no standard use of the word.  Vision is often interchanged or confused with….

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Revisiting the 5 V’s

As we embark on a new calendar year, it is a good time for leaders to pause and refocus on key elements to make this year the best it can possibly be. Hopefully the nitty gritty of budgets and marketing plans are well refined and launching as you read this.  Your last quarter investment in getting these ready will now begin to play out and when executed well will show a positive return on your energy.

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