#1 Purpose


Knowing your Purpose and living your Purpose are vital to growth and success for yourself and your business.

Do you know the “Why” in your life and your business?

The question of “Purpose” or the “Why” behind your actions is not as simple as you might think.  Given the question as to why you work, the quick response might be for money. No disputing that money gives you a means to measure some aspects of performance. But once money is looked at, it is what money provides or does for you, your business, for others etc. not money in and of itself.

Dig deeper into your real purpose.  Peel off the layers and discover what “Purpose” is at your core.

People and businesses tend not to explore this area because what they find may surprise them.  It may answer some nagging questions about their work, their relationships, their environment etc. Then they need to do something about what they have found and just don’t want to take the initiative to change.

JKL Associates Purpose:

To build trusted relationships rooted in purpose so authentic contributions deliver promises

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